Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Long Time

I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted something on there here blog.  My inactivity has been due to many things.  Mostly, I've been "working" diligently on a paper; my last paper of my schooling career.  This has been both innefective and a reclusive process, and has left me with the complete and utter lack of ability to care about anything since I started.  I'm just, feh.

So, I'm writing this now and will most likely update this paticular post, within the next 24 hours.  I will not say it will be awe inspiring or a great post, but some activity is better than this no activity business I've been in a funk with. 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Rubbed Oil on Some Breasts

Thanksgiving here in my humble kitchen has come and gone now. I sit in my room and think back about the 8 hours I just spent in that kitchen cooking, eating, washing dishes, and eating, and sitting, and eating... I have far to much turkey left over but by god, 'Merica. Time to eat some more.

Lets try a video... here.

It was a lot of fun.  There was Pecan Pie, Chinese Dumplings, Green beans, Potatoes, Veggie dishes smothered in cheese, cookies, and tons more food to be had. We didn't gather and pray as we're not trying to force our religions upon eachother, but we did attempt to all say what we were thankful for.  I, being the host, spent my whole time carving up the turkey and munching on a few bits here and there as I could.

Above^ is the 14lb turkey I bought and baked by myself. It was lovely. Harry, my good pal, went and picked it up from our local butcher this afternoon while I was in class. I began cooking right away. It turned out a bit dry but I did my best. It was very god for a first attempt.

Right> is the gibblet gravy I made. It turned out absolutely superb and was my crowning glory in this particular meal. 

 There were more people than there were plates, or chairs, and we had been expecting a few others that ended up not being able to make it.  It was fun to cook for so many!

The post food coma is setting in. Sarah is taking it particularly hard...

All in all, this thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I've always just gotten to eat the food and never been around the kitchen.  I can't say iw as out of my element because I love to cook for people, but its a bit daunting to make sure the turkey isn't to dry.  It turned out all right and people seemed to have a blast shoving food down their faces.

I missed the family this trip, but that is life.  I made due and made a family out of my friends here.

All in all, GREAT SUCCESS!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Brussels and Back, Kevin's Tale or No Need to Call Liam

This little bit is a palce holder until I get the pictures to transfer properly.  Also, I did a lot of writing so I'll have to transfer that from its paper and pencil medium into a series of 1's and 0's that the computer will enjoy.

Tomorrow? Soon.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Been Sick Again

So I've been sick and lazy and have not been updtaing this bad boy this past week. My bad.

Dunno what I have. most likely all the worst things.

Also, don't eat pizza in the UK... ever. Like, never ever.  I've now eaten pizza on two separate occasions and from two separate places and I have spent the next morning vomiting and crapping my brains out.  Not fun at all.  Spent this whole day in bed sick with this Pizza ailment of mine and it disagrees with me.

I'm going to Brussels tomorrow. Should be a blast! No one else is going so If I do not post soemthing on here by Tuesday, I've been taken deep into the heart of the abyss and Liam Neeson should be called immediately to find me.

I mean it. Call Liam Neeson. He needs to find me.

This is the information I've made thus far and plans on where I'll be staying:
Hostel: Aldberge de Jeanesse, Zavelput 30, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium, 02 218 01 87
Station of Arrival: Euroline Coach Station, North Rail Station
American Embassy: 02 811 4300

(Looking at you Liam)

Here is an update about my life through pictures.

 More booze from La Trappiste a little while ago. This was a Belgium beer that was quite good and high percentage to the max. Been trying to get the one beer the owner of that particular restaurant likes a whole lot.  Its the Affligem Dubble.  I need to try it. His description in the beer bible at La Trappiste is immaculate when describing it.
 This is the Cod Fillets I cooked over the past weekend with my friend Bryonee and her housemates.
 This is the rest of the meal.  We made tater wedges, a vegetable broth type thing that turned out to be quite good thanks to Bryonee, Stephen provided the pre-fried bake and eat Chinese appetizers, and I bought some extra pieces of Cod and the limes.  It was a lovely meal followed by a mellow night of talking and eating and having fun.  I walked home at 5am and now have this sickness I'm suffering from, most likely from that walk. I had a  great night that night.

 This was Last Tuesday, today is Thursday.  This sucked.  Our fire alarm goes off every Wednesday morning at 8am while I am sleeping because I have no classes that day. Something/Someone set this off while I was asleep from being sick and it was rough. I couldn't figure out what was going on or what day it was. This is Jacob, April, and myself mean-mugging the building and hating the fire alarm.
 This is from last night.  La Trappiste again, quickly becoming our favorite place.  I ate pizza, I puked, everyone else ate pizza, they were fine.  This is the "beer stick" they offered where you can try 6 of their beers off tap.  It was a fun time and the whole crew had a fun time!
We were celebrating Gabby's birthday.
In attendance: Krystle, Dorothea, Harry, Libby, Jacob, Gabby, Anna, Sarah Jordan, and me.

All in all, its been a fun past few weeks. Been a different setting than what I was used to and I definitely needed the change.  I've had discussions with old friends on the itnernet, discussions with new friends in person, and mellow evenings out and rough evenings in.  I'm constantly reminded that the world is a gorgeous place to live because you can have horrendous nights and the best nights of your life in a short expanse of time.

Life is gorgeous and I'm having a blast living mine!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mortality of a Trip

So, the past few days I've been feeling a bit reserved as opposed to my usual outgoing, party hardy self.

Right now, and the foremost thing I need to do, is to get the fuck OUT of the UK.  I need to go to another country. I don't care where.

I'm getting stir crazy cooped up in one place.

Don't get me wrong, I have loved my time here in Canterbury, and there are still plenty of things to go and do and see, but I just feel like I have been reserved in my travel plans because of the price as well as school.  The mortality of this trip is looming on the horizon, and every fiber of my being is saying "Get out there Kevin!"

I know I could have traveled more, but even if I had I would still feel this way.  I don't regret not traveling as much because the time I have spent here and the friendships I've made are more than worth not getting a few pictures in another country.

However, the world is an old and large place, and I am but a scratch on its surface and a blink of its eye.  I haven't got to long, just a miniscule human life to spend, and I need to be sure I see and experience what I can when I can.

So that has been on my mind.  Also, I hate planning things and I like to DO things.  I just want to be able to go and do what I want when I want.  Public transportation and the prices they charge make that difficult.  I was going to just hop on a train to Amsterdam today and go fora  24 hour trip with a friend, but that fell through because the tickets were about 200GBP... which is absolutely insane.  If I was a rich man... (My wife would have a proper double chin)

Lastly, I am done with school. This trip has shown me I am no long a student and should not be here doing the student thing... I'm done with it.  I've been a student in the school system for far too long and I am done with that part of my life for now.

All in all, I'm getting stir crazy and need to get out of here and find some fun gifts for the family.  Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, I'll need a penny for that old man's hat.

God speed!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Er mer gerd, Hot Pot!

So tonight I've had one of the greatest nights I have had in my life thus far!

I walked into the kitchen and April, my Chinese roommate, had informed me her friends from her school would be present this night for a party.  April was in the process of cooking something called a Chinese "hotpot".  I decided I wanted to take a few snapshots on my camera.  Then I got out my Hero2 and started taking a few videos here and there.  All of a sudden, her friends show up and I suggest to April that I could take some photos on her nice SLR camera.  She agreed as she is usually taking photos and never in the shots herself.

I was just happy to get to mess around with a REALLY nice camera.

I started snapping shots here and there. Before I know it I'm knee deep in the group snapping photos like a madman.  The "birthday girl", whom this meal was for, showed up and I snapped a perfect reaction shot as she waltzed through the door. I just had an absolute blast taking photos of all these people who were having so much fun.  Their joy transferred to me and I was immensely happy to be part of this particular happen-stance.

Eventually, after my last pictures shuttered to a halt, I sat down and watched.  I was invited to grab from the pot but I hesitated because I wasn't sure how it all went down.

At its core, this particular item was a Chinese fondue.  A boiling pot of ginger, garlic, onion, and magic.  A "sauce consisting of chives, a boat ton of garlic, and some sesame oil.

Anyone can throw whatever they want into the pot.  There were mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes, tofu...

There was lamb to! There rolls of lamb you just threw in and they were to DIE for.  I ate until I felt like I was going to puke, and then onward still.  I finally had to leave because I had eaten so much and if I stayed I would continue.

The atmosphere, the happiness, the food, and the social environment was absolutely wonderful.  I couldn't stress to you how much fun I had.

On top of all this, the group spoke Chinese, but they we so friendly to me as well when they spoke. I felt so welcome and I was so at peace to somply listen to their language and their laughter.

Nothing could have been better than this meal tonight, and I have to thank my Flatmate April for asking me along.

April, if you read this. I want you to know that tonight was the best thing ever.  Also, just because you are studying to be a lawyer because someone has set this goal for you doesn't mean you need to give up on your own goals.  Being a photographer is not unrealistic.  As far as I know, you've got this one chance to follow what you want and be what you want.  If someone else says otherwise... well, there is always a way to say, in the nicest way possible, "Go fuck yourself".

Follow your dreams, your passions, and your heart and you will have nothing to be upset about when you have reached the end of your career as a human being.

Much love,


Saturday, November 3, 2012

About Films and Insatiable Appetites

So I know this was going to be a videoblog... I know. I'm embarrassed that I have failed in that aspect thus far. Its not that I haven't been filming, its just I haven't got the capabilities here on my little 5 year old laptop to make the editing process happen.

Also, I'm full of excuses.

In all honesty, the internet is a horrifying place full of trolls and other nasty, androgynous*, anonymous*, autonomous* individuals full of crazy and outlandish thoughts and feelings being expressed through their own lack of mastery of the English language.

Teh webz is teh scry plce in da wrld

Next up on the list is my insatiable appetite for the unexpected and new.  I crave so many things its unbelievable!

I'm hungry for ALL THE FOOD!  I'm in the mood to try new beers, meet new people, see new places, shop at new stores, listen to new stories, film new things, find new music, smell new things...

I want all the newness this world has to offer, right here and right now.  I want to be completely physically fit and be a fat bastard all at the same time.  I want everything and I am having trouble obtaining it all.  Its tough when you sleep til 12 everyday.  Something I'll be changing this last month of my existence in the UK during this trip.

I'm ready to go out and do what I wanna do!  Last night and this morning and day I've just been hanging out, plotting this here blog and listening to some Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  Its lovely, but its not enough.  I'm going to go on an adventure tomorrow.  I dunno to do what or to where, but you'll see about it on here, and you'll view clips of it when I edit all my footage together at the end of this here trip.

One quick shout-out before I scoot. Enjoyed a fun birthday with the flat mates and Jamie, the birthay girl flatmate.

Here is one of my shots!

Jamie is the saintly one.

Here is one of April's and one of my favorites of the night. Naturally because it focuses on me.

This place rocks my socks off!

*Definitions for the people out there who don't know these words.

Androgynous - Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.
                       Having the physical characteristics of both sexes; hermaphrodite.

Anonymous - (of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name.
                      Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.

Autonomous - (of a country or region) Having self-government.
                       Acting independently or having the freedom to do so: "an autonomous committee of the  school board".

You have the internet. Use that beautiful tool to improve yourself
Definitions were googled. Easy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Day of the Dead, Hobbits, and Crisps

El Dia de los Muertos has come and gone.  Most spooks and vandals have had their fun, drinks flowed from every bottle, jug and pitcher into the mouths of impressionable youths looking for a good time, a long night, and some drunken mistakes that inevitably bit them in the ass this morning.

I'm sure they found them somewhere along the line.

I was a hobbit.

This was a costume that I ahve been planning on making happen since forever, but I never got around to it. Now, in a matter of "oh shit, I need a costume", I made this happen at no cost to me.

So that's nice.

Here are some of the other costumes from my flat.

My hair ate half of Libby's face, but the rest are there just fine.

Hobbit, dead girl, "Cat woman", Angel, Witch, Another dead girl.  We had a fun time.

Lastly, about these crisps here... the states is branching out form our usual flavors now and bringing in some interesting stuff, but the flavors here... they're all meat!

You've got the normal cheeze and onion, salted, Salt and vinegar, etc...

But then... then comes the other flavors.

Bacon Sizzler, Roast Chicken and Thyme, Roast Beef, Pork Roast, Smoked Ham and Pickle...

What the hell is that?  All these meat flavored potatoes that taste vaguely like they're supposed to but then they're just weird.

I also find, and this is just conjecture, that I eat so much crisps here because the food isn't as salty here as it is in the states.  Also, I'm constantly hungry and am not eating enough, so there is that...

Much love, talk soon!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Because I Needed One

So my foray into the world of going to random houuse parties and having a blast satisfied my appetite for something different but now I want more.

I need to get my ass in gear and go somewhere, but I dunno where. I'm stuck between my inability to plan shit and my strong desire to not plan shit (which is the reason for the innability).  I like to fly by the seat of my pants and do without the plan.

You can't wait for things like this to fall into your lap, however.

On another note, I hate the drama system here.  At least, I'm not really enjoying the class.  I'm sure I would be more accustom to a proper drama school's way of teaching, but here I've been disoriented by the drastic differences between what I am used to and what is going on here.

Basically, they are not trained to be theatre practitioners here, they are trained to be critical thinkers and viewers of theatre.  That is fine, but not what I want by any standard.
I'm used to being on the same page with my professors back home.  I know them all by name and, in the classroom, they are my teacher, but there is still a sense of equality there.  I see David, Carol, Kate, or any of the others and I say "Hello!"  and they respond accordingly like an adult.

My professor here has said on the first day we met in the classroom.
"If you see Pablo or myself out on the street, don't be afraid to talk to us."

... I've seen her three (3) different times outside this classroom setting and waved and attempted conversation.  She has, all three times, awkwardly spun around, feigned a smile, and nipped off with some guy whom I assume is her husband in tow at an alarmingly quick pace...

WTF is that? How dumb. How frustrating.

I am becoming more and more aware that I don't want to be in school anymore at all ever for at least a good.... forever.  I have listened to songs with people that I remember from my childhood and the people there weren't even born yet.  I feel dated and old, and I'm running around with this absolute sense of "I couldn't care less about any of this stuff."

I thought my film class would be rough, but so far I've had more fun writing one paragraph for my essay than I have trying to get this drama class tofether.

I am not about to give up on my theatrical goals, and this expereience will look great on my resume, and I will walk away form the UK with lots of friends, but I can't seem to shake the thought of why the hell did I decide to take these classes?

I suppose I couldn't have known, and these are the feelings  have right night, subject to instantaNEOUS FLUCTUATIONS throughout the day, the week, the month, the year, and this post.

I dunno. Life is strange and I'm running off of 2 hours of sleep. 

Needed to vent that frustration, I'll be back with some more happy shit come this time tomorrow!

I'll leave you with this gem.

Photograph by Emily Rhodes
I was in prime form and have not the common sense to disregard impulses to climb things.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canter-Bury These Crazy Memories

So I have no idea what has just happened tonight.

I leave my room and head out, April Tan (flat-mate) in tow.  We head downstairs where the film makers meetings are happening, a group of individuals interested in the creation of films through the Film Society here at Kent.
After such meetings, we make out way upstairs where Origins is, the bar at Darwin college.  I grab a Hobgoblin, a nice ale they have on tap, and sit down and meet the last few people in the group that have made it to the bar.  Harry Potter is, naturally, discussed.

All of a sudden, a guy that is part of the film society just asks, "You wanna go to a house party?"  My response... "Sure!"

We jump on the bus, hit town center, and we walk over by the cathedral to a little tiny door in a wall next to a shop. We walk in, open the second door, and we're upstairs in the kitchen. It's me, a few of the guys housemates, and a couple more. I know no one.

All of a sudden people are skinning up on the table, cigarettes are rolled and smoke fills the room. People offer me rum, vodka, "Why not, right?"

Then, more people start filing in. One after the other, people are full to the brim in the kitchen. I hang out on the couch with a flapper and Charlie Chaplain, Mexican skeletons (One of them had the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen) walk in, a devil, witches.

I'm sitting in my regular clothing having a good time on the couch and introducing myself to people. We dance, have a good time. I still know no one here save the guy I came with and my new friends Charlie Chaplain and Flapper (Bryonee and Rose respectively).

I show off my poor excuses for dance moves, more fun is had, there is much rejoicing.

Charlie has left the building and Rose the Flapper and I head out, her route is on the way home for me so no worries.  I grab a large chips from the local "Munchies" eatery and we snack on the way to her place. I see her off, let her have the rest of the chips, and I mosey on back to my local domicile here at Darwin...  a crazy night here in Canterbury, one I wasn't expecting but one I'm glad I had.

I have no Photographic evidence, but I might have some photo bombed pictures floating around out there. I'll post 'um if I find them.

Crazy night, fun night, life is funny how things work out.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Artwork of the Interpersonal

So i spent the afternoon yesterday bored and not really doing anything. I was prepping myself for the night because it was supposed to be a fun filled extravaganza of Birthday madness with a group of friends eating in city center.

Now, I'm sitting here typing this up. I've made some comfort food soup, "Greek Lemon Chicken" to be precise. I'm tired because I was up to late, and my brain is twirling with whatever happened last night and the build up to this point over the past few weeks.

Interpersonal relationships are never easy.  It always seems that things go well, and then things go very poorly very quick.  Life gets out of your control. More importantly, you thought you had control in the first place, a fallacy you, as a human being, will inevitably make every single day of your life.

What is important is to continue to place yourself out there. Your pride may be hurt, your mind may be reeling, and your heart will inevitably take some flack, but if you listened to your mind all the time, your heart would be fine and your pride would remain and you would sit, twiddling your fingers in the dark recesses of your room trolling websites and commenting on other people's lives as they flickered past your screen.

I've adopted this sickening sense of "Everything happens for a reason" and "Life moves on so live it while you've got it" type of mentality here.  I've had this very zen feeling multiple times before, however, this trip it seems so much more pertinent.  It means more and I am not only preaching it but living it.  I hope that it sticks around when i head back home. I'm sure it will because I'm a winner and I don't f$@k around when it comes to doing somehting I want to do.

"Do what only you can do best... make good art." -Neil Gaiman

Here are my friends. Not all of them, but the ones I doodled up yesterday.

Carla, Amelie, Gabriel, Libby and Begonya, Harry.

(P.S. Having a blast with THIS website. You should to.)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Step Above Homeless

I cooked Dinner.

It was good.

Here is the recipe I used.

Here is the rub that I chopped.

Here is the chicken that I doctored.

Here is the sauce that I simmered.

Here is the spread that I laid.

Eating better than a homeless person. Not to many students at University can say the same.

That makes me a winner.

Friday, October 19, 2012

You Can Be My Hagrid

Trip to London, money out of pocket and into the hands of public transportation and Warner Brothers alike.

I could not properly express the joy and look upon my face about my trip to Harry Potter Studios... I couldn't.

Here are some photos. Also, I'm eating Fizzing Whizzbees as I write this post.


First off was a short walk,
to the Large Benjamin Clock.

Down the River Thames, we talked,
Keeping time with that ticking tock.

Docks, boats, ships and castles,
Street performers dressed up like assholes.

Children laughing, skaters falling,
Birds chirping, gulls cawing.

Following signs, we kept on going,
Never stopping, never knowing.

Stairs lead up, signs point forward,
 We keep stepping more steps toward.

There before us, a Shakespearean ode,
A beautiful monument of theatre, the Globe.

On we walked, on we went,
Looking at maps down alleyways bent.

Ten minutes north, twenty west,
Check the map, we're lost on this quest.

Ask direction, take a tram,
Underground is expensive... damn.

Two trains, two seats,
Two people, four feets.
Anna and I
We took chances to sleep.

On trains, and trams, buses and coaches,
We made our journey towards the place that broaches
Excitement in children and adults alike,
Harry Potter Studio-Tour came into sigh.

Minds willing, papers ready,
Bought three tickets, one too many.

Little care was spent on the money gone,
We'd made it to the place we'd wanted too see all along.

Hogwarts crests and four houses alike,
The Greathall was our first beautiful sight.

More and more we saw as we went,
Dumbledore's office with his Gargoyle up-kempt.

Quiditch rules and special effects,
Potions classrooms and magic objects.

Paintings, armors, pictures and more,
The Griffindor Commonroom, A Chamber's door.

Costumes galore, informative signs,
Everything there was a smashing good time.

Hagrid's head, muggle statues alike,
All the deatheater's masks in plains sight.

Along with our thirst for more to see and hear,
We took a taste of Harry's world, Butterbeer.

What makes movie magic, why special effects of course,
We took to the next spot, a full monster course.

Dobby, Creature, and all the goblins were there,
Inferi, Trolls, and things smothered in hair.

My favorite creatures, those eight legged crawlers,
And the main-man him self, all spider's Father.

Larger than life, guaranteed by me,
I hate those damn things, and this was freaky.

We walked Diagon Alley, saw drawings and more,
Concept artists and their art, and models of whiteboard.
At the end of the tour, a surprise was in store,
I have never seen anthing like this before.
A model, scaled down, but fully realized,
Trees and turrets and Hogwarts castle inside.
It's entirety huge, a scaled but massive thing,
I could feel tears in my eyes, they had come welling.
I never shed one, but I did get close,
The tour was over but the memories held close.
And now I am home, safe and sound in my room,
But more empassioned than ever to get back in those rooms.
To see those great movies, and read those great books,
The stories they told and the time that it took.
I want to be part of something that keeps people grinning,
I want to be in the movies and bring joy to so many.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I was sick

So I was sick. Had/still have a bit of some type of bug rolling around in my noggin and the rest of my body. 102 degrees farenheight fever will get ya everytime.  Spent the past two night ssweating (two s' for emphassiss) through everything in my room. I have personally created a rain forest in this room... kinda gross when I read that back to myself.

At any rate, I will have new adventures posted shortly, including from last weekend. Had a lovely day on Sunday and took plenty of videos so I'll be editing them together and all will be grand.

Much love, see you soon, thanks for reading these posts or, as Howard Moon would say.

"They're not novel's, Vince, they're the scribblings of a retard."- Howard Moon

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Fear of Literature

Books are absolutely horrifying.  Its a small, square/rectangle piece of dead tree and other compounds that is full of ink.

This ink is displayed in a fashion for our eyes to interpret meanings from the shapes that are displayed therein.  These meanings from the aformentioned shapes turn into meanings in our brains, which then converts them into "useful" material.  During this process, your brain mulls over points and connects dots so to make sense of the material.


Dogs don't have souls...

(Google Images)

That is something you believe now.

Words are powerful in the hands of even the most dismissive writer.

At any rate, authors that I'm planning on reading but have yet to sit down and do so.

John Waters

Friedrich Nietzche

It is scary to have have a preconceived notion of the world and "know" what you know right before you read a book you "know" will change your views, minor or major and for better or worse.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Age, Class, and Words

The similarities between my country of Origin, the United States, and my host country for the next three two months are not far apart.  The music, all in all, is the same.  Movies are the same.  The shopping system differs but is still similar enough to be called the same.  Some may say we speak the same language although I don't know if I agree.

I have done nothing here in the UK without being made example of by saying words such as "Vitamins", "Math", and "Parking Lot".  These are not the only words which I'm picked apart for, but they stick out in my mind.

Vitamins, said like I say it, is Vie-Tah-Mins.  That is how it is said.  However, it is "properly" (as I've been told) Vi-tah-mins.  Its strange and absolutely unheard of in the states to say that.

Math, as a subject, are called "Mawths". Almost with a long "Oh" sound.  How strange.  I'm corrected on it every time.

Parking Lot is simply right out.  It is called a "Car Park" pronounced "Caw Pawk".

On the topic of people in "my age group", I haven't really mat any.  I've met 18-22 year olds and I believe one 26 year old.  I've yet to meet anyone who is 23.  Blink182 may have had something to say about this age.  I feel significantly older than much of the student I am with during class.  I see commonalities between myself when I was taking these classes a few years ago and I am reminded of my age in comparason. 

Opposite that, it is revitalizing to be surrounded by people who have jsut started their first years at University and still have the magic of the first year in their eyes.

People here are not so different than those back home.  Also, my facial features must not look so distinctly American.  Some people are distinctly European, some are distinctly American, but most are just people.  They're people just like I would see in the states.  A passing face on campus.  A person living their life and going about it like nothing is different.  Gives a great perspective on that "Global Economy" I've been hearing about in my business classes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Moar Interwebz

I'd really enjoy seeing the Aurora Borealis... that'd be nice.

Slept this afternoon and now I can't sleep. Its rough.

I just watched this video though!

Meet Salesman Pete

It's lovely.

The Film "Seven Psychopaths" looks wonderful

Ever since I was a kid and I would stay up late and watch MTV and their late night music videos. It was always incredibly depressing. Its being a house full of people and being the only person alive. It's such a lonesome feeling and its a bit overwhelming.  I still can't listen to music late at night by myself.

I have a headache and a desire to never go to the damn class they put me in after kicking me out of the class I was most excited about. Damn you educational system. And damn me to!


Been Dover

After a long night with friends and only five hours of sleep, I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 9 am on a Sunday. By 9:30 I was ready.

Bag, check. Windbreaker, check. Jumper(sweater), check. Comfy shoes, check. Phone, check.

The sun was shinning bright and it was obviously going to be a nice day. Lazy clouds speckled the horizon and glided over the top of Canterbury proper.

Gabby, Quentin, and myself ventured forward following those clouds towards the bus that would take us all the way to Dover. Of course, we started walking at around 9:55 and the bus was leaving at 10:15.

We walked fast.

5 minutes to go and we're 6 minutes away. We run.
 (I wasn't nervous, however,I wanted to be sure to make it.)
Gasping and weezing we catch the bus. We climb on board and ask for our tickets. The bus driver points behind us. We clamber on to the correct bus and wait another 15 minutes because our bus wasn't leaving as early as we thought.


"Today is too perfect. Nothing could go wrong."- Me

Off to Dover castle.

We walk up the steps and see a sign. "Bird's of Prey Showcase Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of October"

"That's today!"

We buy tickets.

"Lets skip it, the show is right now" We walk up the hill towards the castle. Cresting the hill we spot the birds of prey show, not yet started with people gathered around.

"Perfect timing!"

Falcons flew, owls ogled, and toy rabbits were destroyed for our amusement. There was much rejoicing.

We walked the grounds and peeped the peeping areas and the coast.

"Lets go get some food. We'll walk through town and grab some stuff for a picnic on the beach"

Walking down winding footpaths and less-than-crowded streets, we came to city center.

From there we walked towards the coast, stopping at convenience shop after shop looking for a baguette and some lunch meat. All the shops and cafes were closed but we continued on towards the coast.

We're here. The fresh, light breeze hits our nostrils and the restaurant at the end of the wharf met our eyes. We walked in, ordered food, sat out on the deck and enjoyed a light lunch on the deck with perfect weather.

We walked from there down the docks and onto the beach.

Feet in the water.

Gabby is up top, I've got the hobbit feet.
I've been in the English Channel! I've also, unsuccessfully, skipped rocks in the English Channel.

Walked back to city center.
"Still plenty of time before the bus. Lets explore the city!"

We walk into a bar known as the Falcon. Pool 50p per game.

"What have you got on tapped casks?"- Me
    "We're out at the moment." - Bar Wench
"Oh, I'll have a 1664 then."- me
    "We're out."- wench
"What DO you have?" -Gabby
   "We have Fosters! (excitedly)" -wench
"... two of those then." - Kevin

12 taps, fosters is what they have...

We play some pool. I lose but technically win.

We miss our bus...

We wait at a bus stop.
Express bus comes up.
"We need to get to Canterbury but we missed the last bus... could we hop on?"- Gabby
   "Just a straight trip to Canterbury then?"- Bus Driver
"Yes." - Quentin, Gabby, Me
*He waves us on

We ride, tired and well traveled, for the 20 minute trip back to Canterbury, slipping into and out of conciousness.

"Don't miss your coach!" - Bus Driver

We walk away, bus driver didn't charge us a thing.

"Today is too perfect. Nothing could go wrong."

As a parting message that is more vomit-inducing than that of my above stated sunny outlook on life:

I am not a perfect human being. I am a perfectly human being.
-Kevin Bohleber