Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canter-Bury These Crazy Memories

So I have no idea what has just happened tonight.

I leave my room and head out, April Tan (flat-mate) in tow.  We head downstairs where the film makers meetings are happening, a group of individuals interested in the creation of films through the Film Society here at Kent.
After such meetings, we make out way upstairs where Origins is, the bar at Darwin college.  I grab a Hobgoblin, a nice ale they have on tap, and sit down and meet the last few people in the group that have made it to the bar.  Harry Potter is, naturally, discussed.

All of a sudden, a guy that is part of the film society just asks, "You wanna go to a house party?"  My response... "Sure!"

We jump on the bus, hit town center, and we walk over by the cathedral to a little tiny door in a wall next to a shop. We walk in, open the second door, and we're upstairs in the kitchen. It's me, a few of the guys housemates, and a couple more. I know no one.

All of a sudden people are skinning up on the table, cigarettes are rolled and smoke fills the room. People offer me rum, vodka, "Why not, right?"

Then, more people start filing in. One after the other, people are full to the brim in the kitchen. I hang out on the couch with a flapper and Charlie Chaplain, Mexican skeletons (One of them had the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen) walk in, a devil, witches.

I'm sitting in my regular clothing having a good time on the couch and introducing myself to people. We dance, have a good time. I still know no one here save the guy I came with and my new friends Charlie Chaplain and Flapper (Bryonee and Rose respectively).

I show off my poor excuses for dance moves, more fun is had, there is much rejoicing.

Charlie has left the building and Rose the Flapper and I head out, her route is on the way home for me so no worries.  I grab a large chips from the local "Munchies" eatery and we snack on the way to her place. I see her off, let her have the rest of the chips, and I mosey on back to my local domicile here at Darwin...  a crazy night here in Canterbury, one I wasn't expecting but one I'm glad I had.

I have no Photographic evidence, but I might have some photo bombed pictures floating around out there. I'll post 'um if I find them.

Crazy night, fun night, life is funny how things work out.

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