Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Rubbed Oil on Some Breasts

Thanksgiving here in my humble kitchen has come and gone now. I sit in my room and think back about the 8 hours I just spent in that kitchen cooking, eating, washing dishes, and eating, and sitting, and eating... I have far to much turkey left over but by god, 'Merica. Time to eat some more.

Lets try a video... here.

It was a lot of fun.  There was Pecan Pie, Chinese Dumplings, Green beans, Potatoes, Veggie dishes smothered in cheese, cookies, and tons more food to be had. We didn't gather and pray as we're not trying to force our religions upon eachother, but we did attempt to all say what we were thankful for.  I, being the host, spent my whole time carving up the turkey and munching on a few bits here and there as I could.

Above^ is the 14lb turkey I bought and baked by myself. It was lovely. Harry, my good pal, went and picked it up from our local butcher this afternoon while I was in class. I began cooking right away. It turned out a bit dry but I did my best. It was very god for a first attempt.

Right> is the gibblet gravy I made. It turned out absolutely superb and was my crowning glory in this particular meal. 

 There were more people than there were plates, or chairs, and we had been expecting a few others that ended up not being able to make it.  It was fun to cook for so many!

The post food coma is setting in. Sarah is taking it particularly hard...

All in all, this thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I've always just gotten to eat the food and never been around the kitchen.  I can't say iw as out of my element because I love to cook for people, but its a bit daunting to make sure the turkey isn't to dry.  It turned out all right and people seemed to have a blast shoving food down their faces.

I missed the family this trip, but that is life.  I made due and made a family out of my friends here.

All in all, GREAT SUCCESS!

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