Saturday, November 3, 2012

About Films and Insatiable Appetites

So I know this was going to be a videoblog... I know. I'm embarrassed that I have failed in that aspect thus far. Its not that I haven't been filming, its just I haven't got the capabilities here on my little 5 year old laptop to make the editing process happen.

Also, I'm full of excuses.

In all honesty, the internet is a horrifying place full of trolls and other nasty, androgynous*, anonymous*, autonomous* individuals full of crazy and outlandish thoughts and feelings being expressed through their own lack of mastery of the English language.

Teh webz is teh scry plce in da wrld

Next up on the list is my insatiable appetite for the unexpected and new.  I crave so many things its unbelievable!

I'm hungry for ALL THE FOOD!  I'm in the mood to try new beers, meet new people, see new places, shop at new stores, listen to new stories, film new things, find new music, smell new things...

I want all the newness this world has to offer, right here and right now.  I want to be completely physically fit and be a fat bastard all at the same time.  I want everything and I am having trouble obtaining it all.  Its tough when you sleep til 12 everyday.  Something I'll be changing this last month of my existence in the UK during this trip.

I'm ready to go out and do what I wanna do!  Last night and this morning and day I've just been hanging out, plotting this here blog and listening to some Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  Its lovely, but its not enough.  I'm going to go on an adventure tomorrow.  I dunno to do what or to where, but you'll see about it on here, and you'll view clips of it when I edit all my footage together at the end of this here trip.

One quick shout-out before I scoot. Enjoyed a fun birthday with the flat mates and Jamie, the birthay girl flatmate.

Here is one of my shots!

Jamie is the saintly one.

Here is one of April's and one of my favorites of the night. Naturally because it focuses on me.

This place rocks my socks off!

*Definitions for the people out there who don't know these words.

Androgynous - Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.
                       Having the physical characteristics of both sexes; hermaphrodite.

Anonymous - (of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name.
                      Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.

Autonomous - (of a country or region) Having self-government.
                       Acting independently or having the freedom to do so: "an autonomous committee of the  school board".

You have the internet. Use that beautiful tool to improve yourself
Definitions were googled. Easy.

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