Thursday, November 15, 2012

Been Sick Again

So I've been sick and lazy and have not been updtaing this bad boy this past week. My bad.

Dunno what I have. most likely all the worst things.

Also, don't eat pizza in the UK... ever. Like, never ever.  I've now eaten pizza on two separate occasions and from two separate places and I have spent the next morning vomiting and crapping my brains out.  Not fun at all.  Spent this whole day in bed sick with this Pizza ailment of mine and it disagrees with me.

I'm going to Brussels tomorrow. Should be a blast! No one else is going so If I do not post soemthing on here by Tuesday, I've been taken deep into the heart of the abyss and Liam Neeson should be called immediately to find me.

I mean it. Call Liam Neeson. He needs to find me.

This is the information I've made thus far and plans on where I'll be staying:
Hostel: Aldberge de Jeanesse, Zavelput 30, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium, 02 218 01 87
Station of Arrival: Euroline Coach Station, North Rail Station
American Embassy: 02 811 4300

(Looking at you Liam)

Here is an update about my life through pictures.

 More booze from La Trappiste a little while ago. This was a Belgium beer that was quite good and high percentage to the max. Been trying to get the one beer the owner of that particular restaurant likes a whole lot.  Its the Affligem Dubble.  I need to try it. His description in the beer bible at La Trappiste is immaculate when describing it.
 This is the Cod Fillets I cooked over the past weekend with my friend Bryonee and her housemates.
 This is the rest of the meal.  We made tater wedges, a vegetable broth type thing that turned out to be quite good thanks to Bryonee, Stephen provided the pre-fried bake and eat Chinese appetizers, and I bought some extra pieces of Cod and the limes.  It was a lovely meal followed by a mellow night of talking and eating and having fun.  I walked home at 5am and now have this sickness I'm suffering from, most likely from that walk. I had a  great night that night.

 This was Last Tuesday, today is Thursday.  This sucked.  Our fire alarm goes off every Wednesday morning at 8am while I am sleeping because I have no classes that day. Something/Someone set this off while I was asleep from being sick and it was rough. I couldn't figure out what was going on or what day it was. This is Jacob, April, and myself mean-mugging the building and hating the fire alarm.
 This is from last night.  La Trappiste again, quickly becoming our favorite place.  I ate pizza, I puked, everyone else ate pizza, they were fine.  This is the "beer stick" they offered where you can try 6 of their beers off tap.  It was a fun time and the whole crew had a fun time!
We were celebrating Gabby's birthday.
In attendance: Krystle, Dorothea, Harry, Libby, Jacob, Gabby, Anna, Sarah Jordan, and me.

All in all, its been a fun past few weeks. Been a different setting than what I was used to and I definitely needed the change.  I've had discussions with old friends on the itnernet, discussions with new friends in person, and mellow evenings out and rough evenings in.  I'm constantly reminded that the world is a gorgeous place to live because you can have horrendous nights and the best nights of your life in a short expanse of time.

Life is gorgeous and I'm having a blast living mine!

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