Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Day of the Dead, Hobbits, and Crisps

El Dia de los Muertos has come and gone.  Most spooks and vandals have had their fun, drinks flowed from every bottle, jug and pitcher into the mouths of impressionable youths looking for a good time, a long night, and some drunken mistakes that inevitably bit them in the ass this morning.

I'm sure they found them somewhere along the line.

I was a hobbit.

This was a costume that I ahve been planning on making happen since forever, but I never got around to it. Now, in a matter of "oh shit, I need a costume", I made this happen at no cost to me.

So that's nice.

Here are some of the other costumes from my flat.

My hair ate half of Libby's face, but the rest are there just fine.

Hobbit, dead girl, "Cat woman", Angel, Witch, Another dead girl.  We had a fun time.

Lastly, about these crisps here... the states is branching out form our usual flavors now and bringing in some interesting stuff, but the flavors here... they're all meat!

You've got the normal cheeze and onion, salted, Salt and vinegar, etc...

But then... then comes the other flavors.

Bacon Sizzler, Roast Chicken and Thyme, Roast Beef, Pork Roast, Smoked Ham and Pickle...

What the hell is that?  All these meat flavored potatoes that taste vaguely like they're supposed to but then they're just weird.

I also find, and this is just conjecture, that I eat so much crisps here because the food isn't as salty here as it is in the states.  Also, I'm constantly hungry and am not eating enough, so there is that...

Much love, talk soon!


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