Monday, October 8, 2012

Moar Interwebz

I'd really enjoy seeing the Aurora Borealis... that'd be nice.

Slept this afternoon and now I can't sleep. Its rough.

I just watched this video though!

Meet Salesman Pete

It's lovely.

The Film "Seven Psychopaths" looks wonderful

Ever since I was a kid and I would stay up late and watch MTV and their late night music videos. It was always incredibly depressing. Its being a house full of people and being the only person alive. It's such a lonesome feeling and its a bit overwhelming.  I still can't listen to music late at night by myself.

I have a headache and a desire to never go to the damn class they put me in after kicking me out of the class I was most excited about. Damn you educational system. And damn me to!


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