Friday, October 19, 2012

You Can Be My Hagrid

Trip to London, money out of pocket and into the hands of public transportation and Warner Brothers alike.

I could not properly express the joy and look upon my face about my trip to Harry Potter Studios... I couldn't.

Here are some photos. Also, I'm eating Fizzing Whizzbees as I write this post.


First off was a short walk,
to the Large Benjamin Clock.

Down the River Thames, we talked,
Keeping time with that ticking tock.

Docks, boats, ships and castles,
Street performers dressed up like assholes.

Children laughing, skaters falling,
Birds chirping, gulls cawing.

Following signs, we kept on going,
Never stopping, never knowing.

Stairs lead up, signs point forward,
 We keep stepping more steps toward.

There before us, a Shakespearean ode,
A beautiful monument of theatre, the Globe.

On we walked, on we went,
Looking at maps down alleyways bent.

Ten minutes north, twenty west,
Check the map, we're lost on this quest.

Ask direction, take a tram,
Underground is expensive... damn.

Two trains, two seats,
Two people, four feets.
Anna and I
We took chances to sleep.

On trains, and trams, buses and coaches,
We made our journey towards the place that broaches
Excitement in children and adults alike,
Harry Potter Studio-Tour came into sigh.

Minds willing, papers ready,
Bought three tickets, one too many.

Little care was spent on the money gone,
We'd made it to the place we'd wanted too see all along.

Hogwarts crests and four houses alike,
The Greathall was our first beautiful sight.

More and more we saw as we went,
Dumbledore's office with his Gargoyle up-kempt.

Quiditch rules and special effects,
Potions classrooms and magic objects.

Paintings, armors, pictures and more,
The Griffindor Commonroom, A Chamber's door.

Costumes galore, informative signs,
Everything there was a smashing good time.

Hagrid's head, muggle statues alike,
All the deatheater's masks in plains sight.

Along with our thirst for more to see and hear,
We took a taste of Harry's world, Butterbeer.

What makes movie magic, why special effects of course,
We took to the next spot, a full monster course.

Dobby, Creature, and all the goblins were there,
Inferi, Trolls, and things smothered in hair.

My favorite creatures, those eight legged crawlers,
And the main-man him self, all spider's Father.

Larger than life, guaranteed by me,
I hate those damn things, and this was freaky.

We walked Diagon Alley, saw drawings and more,
Concept artists and their art, and models of whiteboard.
At the end of the tour, a surprise was in store,
I have never seen anthing like this before.
A model, scaled down, but fully realized,
Trees and turrets and Hogwarts castle inside.
It's entirety huge, a scaled but massive thing,
I could feel tears in my eyes, they had come welling.
I never shed one, but I did get close,
The tour was over but the memories held close.
And now I am home, safe and sound in my room,
But more empassioned than ever to get back in those rooms.
To see those great movies, and read those great books,
The stories they told and the time that it took.
I want to be part of something that keeps people grinning,
I want to be in the movies and bring joy to so many.


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