Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Age, Class, and Words

The similarities between my country of Origin, the United States, and my host country for the next three two months are not far apart.  The music, all in all, is the same.  Movies are the same.  The shopping system differs but is still similar enough to be called the same.  Some may say we speak the same language although I don't know if I agree.

I have done nothing here in the UK without being made example of by saying words such as "Vitamins", "Math", and "Parking Lot".  These are not the only words which I'm picked apart for, but they stick out in my mind.

Vitamins, said like I say it, is Vie-Tah-Mins.  That is how it is said.  However, it is "properly" (as I've been told) Vi-tah-mins.  Its strange and absolutely unheard of in the states to say that.

Math, as a subject, are called "Mawths". Almost with a long "Oh" sound.  How strange.  I'm corrected on it every time.

Parking Lot is simply right out.  It is called a "Car Park" pronounced "Caw Pawk".

On the topic of people in "my age group", I haven't really mat any.  I've met 18-22 year olds and I believe one 26 year old.  I've yet to meet anyone who is 23.  Blink182 may have had something to say about this age.  I feel significantly older than much of the student I am with during class.  I see commonalities between myself when I was taking these classes a few years ago and I am reminded of my age in comparason. 

Opposite that, it is revitalizing to be surrounded by people who have jsut started their first years at University and still have the magic of the first year in their eyes.

People here are not so different than those back home.  Also, my facial features must not look so distinctly American.  Some people are distinctly European, some are distinctly American, but most are just people.  They're people just like I would see in the states.  A passing face on campus.  A person living their life and going about it like nothing is different.  Gives a great perspective on that "Global Economy" I've been hearing about in my business classes.

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