Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Artwork of the Interpersonal

So i spent the afternoon yesterday bored and not really doing anything. I was prepping myself for the night because it was supposed to be a fun filled extravaganza of Birthday madness with a group of friends eating in city center.

Now, I'm sitting here typing this up. I've made some comfort food soup, "Greek Lemon Chicken" to be precise. I'm tired because I was up to late, and my brain is twirling with whatever happened last night and the build up to this point over the past few weeks.

Interpersonal relationships are never easy.  It always seems that things go well, and then things go very poorly very quick.  Life gets out of your control. More importantly, you thought you had control in the first place, a fallacy you, as a human being, will inevitably make every single day of your life.

What is important is to continue to place yourself out there. Your pride may be hurt, your mind may be reeling, and your heart will inevitably take some flack, but if you listened to your mind all the time, your heart would be fine and your pride would remain and you would sit, twiddling your fingers in the dark recesses of your room trolling websites and commenting on other people's lives as they flickered past your screen.

I've adopted this sickening sense of "Everything happens for a reason" and "Life moves on so live it while you've got it" type of mentality here.  I've had this very zen feeling multiple times before, however, this trip it seems so much more pertinent.  It means more and I am not only preaching it but living it.  I hope that it sticks around when i head back home. I'm sure it will because I'm a winner and I don't f$@k around when it comes to doing somehting I want to do.

"Do what only you can do best... make good art." -Neil Gaiman

Here are my friends. Not all of them, but the ones I doodled up yesterday.

Carla, Amelie, Gabriel, Libby and Begonya, Harry.

(P.S. Having a blast with THIS website. You should to.)

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