Saturday, September 29, 2012


That lovely chemical that makes you smarter, faster, keener, quicker, and an all around better person.  My forays into it's consumption have never been so high as they have been since I showed my face on campus.  From night one I was greeted with a pub crawl and it has been a downhill spiral since then. 

A quiet pint here and there, and of delicious beer, is what I would go for in the states.  For some reason, here, I'm enthralled, most likely due to my freshman surroundings, to drink what is so kindly referred to as "Tramp Juice" here in the UK.  (In the states, it's equivalent would be 40's.)  Drinking tramp juice, we decided to play beerpong yesterday which I was a large ambassador for.  I wanted to play it, I played it, now I am here writing the lovely post about my consumption of the liquid Beerpong is named after.

I've been sulking in my own room, fermenting in shame and avoiding sudden movements.  I was a game winner at the table.  Dionysus was almost pleased with me, but my actions forced him to forsake me and I prayed to far different god's than he, ones who reign over white porcelain and tile floors.

It brings perspective to my eyes.  I most certainly have not done this is quite some time.  I am not a fan of losing food or drink I've not fully digested.  Also, the fact that I made an ass of myself in front of my friends here is no small thing to me.  Reminders are to stop drinking tramp juice and spend your money on things worth imbibing.
Harry and myself. K Cider has a warming effect on me

At any rate, thought I'd share that nugget with you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classes... I forgot About Those

Contrary to all the posts and pleasant party photos I've placed to placate your appetite for stories about my life (see what I did there?), I am now, presently, avoiding sleep and the process of attending to my body's need for it.  Instead, I have chosen to open a window to my soul into which you pursuers of nonsense and knowledge can view my innermost thoughts through a filtered lens.

Presently, I am put out by my recent drop from one of my modules, an action previously unheard of and now presently my most poignant obstacle.  On top of this, my voice will hopefully be back by tomorrow morning at 9am at which time I am to attend my first meeting of the minds with fellow thespians in a building on campus.  I am mortified of the prospect of actually having to work and satisfied with the aforementioned mortification as it reminds me that a pulse continues to run through my body. Added to this, I am now "in the know" that my class begins at 9am and continues forth until 1pm, at which point my studies shall cease for the day and my quest to discover a second and possibly third module shall resume in force.
(To summarize, I have not felt the first day of class jitters in a while, mostly because I've always known what to expect. On top of that, I have to meet my adviser.)

It is strange. I'm in a compeltely alien environment into which I've already made friends and discovered new places, but each new step is another horrifying journey into the unknown into which all I have is a charming smile, winning personality, and complete lack of knowledge of what the hell I'm doing here.

Ain't life grand?

As a parting gift to you who can't stand to read anything without illustration or pictures. Found this child wandering the streets of Canterbury and decided to snap a photo with his mothers permission.  Quite possibly my favorite thing that I could have hoped for.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Friends = Success

If the above mentioned title was anything close to true (which it is), then I am a very successful person.  I live for people.

By the time I made it to campus, I had been awake for over twenty four hours.  I could not sleep well on the flight over.  I did catch a wink or two on the bus(coach as they say here in the UK) but it was limited. That night, I went to the "Campus Tour" which meant "Pub Crawl".  I dunno how many people I met, but I do know I was awake until all hours of the night.  I am energized by new people and new things.  I love talking to new people and meeting new people and I'm energized by it. I can't stress that enough. It's a poor replacement for sleep, true, but it does the job quite well for a segment of time.

Canterbury is a blast with the above mentioned new friends.  I spent the day in Canterbury, sleep deprived and missing a voice of my own, with Gabz and Harry.  We stopped by the Unicorn on the way to town, a local pub, and grabbed ourselves a brew.

Gabz and those tiny doors.
A pint (or 12) at the Unicorn.

We bought ourselves a Hophead Brew and sat down for a bit in the good ol' Unicorn.  A perfect pub for a perfect town. I've got two more small bits for the fam. to really bring the outing home.

Lastly, I have been meaning to make this a video blog but my voice left me almost as soon as I arrived.  I'll ease into it I suppose.  Sorry for the delay but maybe this will satisfy your desire to see my face...

They come in what flavor?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beginning the Trip

Airplanes are funny.  Or rather, the people on airplanes are funny.  Its a giant metal tube cram-packed with people who awkwardly move about the jet even though they generally are up and walking about just to be walking about.  Its like a sense of self importance that they have claimed. "Oh, the seat belt sign is on? I'm walking around so I guess those rules don't apply to Me."

The best show on a plane is the walk to the restroom.  It is an awkward waltz between two individuals in which the outcome will always be the same. 

           A sitting passenger is about to get some one's ass (or front side) crammed into their face.

Also, the passing individuals always go ass to ass or chest to chest. Its never ass to chest.

My second favorite pass time is watching out the window.  Sadly, two planes and ten hours later and I never got a chance to sit at one. No, Window seats are waster on people. The people sitting next to the window slammed that shield down and slept the whole time.  They have no idea what they're missing. Its magic out those windows.  The cities at night with their lights contrasting the dark surroundings.  The clouds in the sky and the visible layers. No one appreciates it like they should.  I suppose they've "seen it before" and its not new to them, but how could that not be incredible every time? We're flying 35,000 feet in the air. That. Is. Incredible. Every time.
I did snap a shot while the window-slammer was in the restroom.

The important thing is, the world is magnificent and I want to see it.  I want to experience everything I can and travel and see those clouds and the sprawling cities at night.  People don't appreciate the small things, but those are what keeps you going while you travel to the big things.  People just seem to simply go about their lives... it is a terrible tragedy for those people. I'll have to live double for them.