Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sleep is My Enemy

I have been readin a lot of comics and graphic Novels recently.  Uncanny XMen, WOlverine and the XMen. Captain America. SAGA. Y: The Last Man. 

I've been devowering them like theres not tomorrow.  This is what I've been doing.  I go to work, I hate my time there, I leave, and I read these books.  Their vignettes traversing through my eyes and my mind.  Small little stories that trace your world and shift its geography.  Happy, sad, stressful tales that splatter your conciousness with color and characters while shifting your subconcious towards something more whole.  Its a wonderful feeling finishing these stories.  Its so bittersweet when they run their course that you can't help but be happy someone allowed you along with them for it.

This is art. Its life, its love, its wonderful.  Its what anyone should hope to achieve.  To view their human experience and propel their own thoughts about it towards something others can enjoy. Its art in motion, from something as seemingly straightforward and XMen to Blankets by Craig Thompson.  This is something i translate into my own experiences and own vocabulary.  I get brought along for the story and in doing so share this experience with not only the artist but all the readers of the work.  Its a wonderful feeling. A feeling I want to share in my way through the work I've deemed my particular medium of choice, live action acting.

Of course, I draw... sometimes.  I miss drawing but my muse hits me when it hits me.  I write, draw, walk around... I do stuff, but I get attached to things and they move me towards my next attachment.  I am working on figuring out how I can guide these attachments.  I want to learn to control the things that grab my undivided, obsessive lust for more of it, be it Magic the Gathering, or drawing, or acting, or running and working out, or videogames.

It doesn't stick though.  It fluctuates and passes and rekindles as it sees fit.  But I haven't got time for it to do what it wants.  This id of mine, this conciousness that rules my conciousness needs the freedom to do what it wants while also maintaining some parallel thought process with my own.  I know I like the things I like, and I know I love the things I love, but what I don't know is why there should ever be doubt.

And it all boils down to this.

Sleep is my enemy.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Long Time Coming

The hope and positivity of my trip to Europe was swiftly engulfed by the safgety that my home offers.
With little to no responsibilities aside from: Waking up, going to work, leaving work, continuing to breathe; I've continued my path of mental deprevation for far to long.

I was inspired here and there.  I worked diligently to lang myself a role in some type of show here in the Nashvegas area, but to no avail.  So far, that is.  That is stil a work in progress.

I've also disucess this issue with a friend of mine who claims she went through the same thing.  Its very diufficult to leave all your friends who are knee deep in theatre with you and be slung back into the cockpit of a fast moving ship called monotony here at home.  Love my family to death, and I need this place to stay so I can continue to save money, but there is also the downside of finding all of this too comforting.  Life is far to easy.  I don't have homework, I don't have to worry about finding something to eat... I simply go to work.  My largest concern are the drivers in the Nashville downtown area.  Most of them need to pay closer attention to their world.  They're operating weapons carelessly.

So to be cut off from all of your involvement with the theatre peoples you once associated yourself... it is tough to remain as upbeat, positive, and completely involved in the particular career choice you've deemed as something you love.  I remember I love it, and I remember that when I do it, I will be reminded again of why I do it... but the opportunities lie dormant just on the other side of a hill called perseverence.  That hill sucks to clime by yourself.

I want to be the beacon that gathers the flock around me.   I want my mood to shift the mood of others, to cause a viral infection of theatre and film craze, to write, create, film, and play with people of a like mind, but I'm not nearly as resilient as I used to be.  Its so much easier to turn on a playstation than it is to gather people together into a room.

That is my dilemma, my curse, possibly my generations curse.  Human interaction is vying for supremacy with technology.

a more fun note, Bonnaroo was magnificent as usual.

I bought a ticket with my siblings, my sister included this year.  It was a year to remember for certain.  Paul McCartney was obviously the highlight.  I've seen a Beatle perform Beatles songs.  That is a story that I get to tell for the rest of my life. 

I watched Alt-J up close and personal, weaseling my way into the crowd as they came on stage.  I snapped some clips but I cannot tell fi they're worth while.  I have misplaced my phones cable and am in process of acquiring it again.  In the mean time, my camera/picture taking capacity will be lacking in the availability of transferals between devices until I can locate the cable.  I believe, however,m with as many Batman comics I've read of late, my detective skills will obviously prevail against the case.  Justice shall be served!

(Update: I've commandeered another's cable!)

Bonnaroo Flag made by yours truly. Storm Troopers!
A little Trombone Shorty for ye'

Alt-J made my night and my trip!

SeaWolf play

One of the greatest musicians of our time. Super Tall Paul!

God speed ladies and gents, and I apologize for my inactivity.  Life got in the way.

Hugs and kisses and all that jazz,