Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Homebrewing is a Hobby of Mine

I love beer.

I brew beer.

I've brewed a good beer.

This is the label for the beer I brewed.

I'd give you the recipe for this beer, but then I'd have to kill all you copy cats out there, and I don't want to do that. 

However, to describe this beer to you would be more than accepatable, it would be propper.

So I have been hunting for a style of beer that would allow me to combine my two favorite things on this earth.


and Pineapple

I suppose a year ago now I cam home and tasted, just once, a beer Jackalope Brewing Company, here in Nashville, made.  It was called "Casper the Friendly Gose".

I tasted that beer and I said, "This is it. This is the style!"  And I knew that Pineapple and the "Gose" style of beer would be the perfect match.

"Gose" style of beer is derived from German roots and is a soured, salted beer.  The acidity of the beer is what brought my attention to it's Pineapple favoring qualities, and it's light, generally hazy body would allow the pineapple to be present and visible.  I was in love.

I got to brewing, brewed a test batch, reworked the recipe, then brewed another batch and let people try it.  It is a big hit, and I'm awful proud of myself.  Mostly, I am just thrilled I get to drink pineapple beer!

I've just finished batch 3 of the Pineapple Gose, and I figured it was time to name it.  

SO!!! As you can see, I did.  I'm not sure if this name will stick, but for now I've put a whole lot of time and effort into the label, which I will be printing out for bottling, and I figure its as good a name as any until (if/when) its time for a name change.

Maybe you'll get to try some before the summer is out, but, if not, its only a bit of winter before we get to brew it again!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where in the World Have I Been?

There is plenty to talk about!

Plenty to show you, tell you.  Plenty of excuses I can come up with as to why I've not posted anything in so long.

The best I got is that life happened!  I love to film stuff, that is a truth.  I don't so much like editing.  It is a time consuming thing.  I just want to be in film. I just want to be out there doing stuff!  I don't want to spend a day editing this stuff together for a 3-5 minute video.  I'm sure some would scoff. "A whole day?" they would say.

YES, a whole damn day.  I'm learning on my own.  I should spend some time and learn how to expedite that process, but I haven't. So a whole day must be devoted to editing that film together for y'alls enjoyment.

Well, the sun is out.

I'd rather be outside.

^^^(Its bigger and better here)^^^