Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Fear of Literature

Books are absolutely horrifying.  Its a small, square/rectangle piece of dead tree and other compounds that is full of ink.

This ink is displayed in a fashion for our eyes to interpret meanings from the shapes that are displayed therein.  These meanings from the aformentioned shapes turn into meanings in our brains, which then converts them into "useful" material.  During this process, your brain mulls over points and connects dots so to make sense of the material.


Dogs don't have souls...

(Google Images)

That is something you believe now.

Words are powerful in the hands of even the most dismissive writer.

At any rate, authors that I'm planning on reading but have yet to sit down and do so.

John Waters

Friedrich Nietzche

It is scary to have have a preconceived notion of the world and "know" what you know right before you read a book you "know" will change your views, minor or major and for better or worse.

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