Friday, October 31, 2014

The Trip: Day 13

After the story with Bill, I was feeling both depressed and exhausted.  I mean, this trip has not been easy when I think about it.

I consider myself quite good at long distance driving now because I can go and go and only stop when I need gas, but once I got situated (On this couch I'm staying on) I was dead.  MY hands were shaking and I was just tired as hell.

I spent the morning of October 30th, 1AB (After Bill), being tired but productive.

I searched and searched for housing and attempted to play with the dogs that live here.  They weren't having that shit.  Some stranger in their house and they just sat there looking at me...

Mostly the housing search has been a complete bust, but I wasn't expecting to find a place right away.  That being said, I may start moving a few more things into my friends house here as they have storage space and I have things I'd like out of my car while I'm traveling around and looking where I can plant myself.

After a few hours I got bored and went to the gym in the facility and then cleaned their sink of dishes...  you get really bored when you've been on the road for 2 weeks and, when you finally get to your destination, no one is around to hang out with.  You sit around in an empty apartment all day twiddling your thumbs and, while you are working on things, it's still like... WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE?

Eventually Lauren came back and we walked her dogs.  They pooped, she picked it up. Classic dog walking story.  Then we sat around and ate a small dinner.  The girls of the apartment were particularly excited about TV's offerings.  
First, Bones was on which my momma likes so I was kinda up to speed on that one.  Then SCANDAL.  I tell you, those writers know their audience because the whole damn episode was "girl power!" all the way.  I'm totally fine with that, but like... yikes on some of it.  Lastly, How to Get Away With Murder was on.  That was, while silly because I didn't know what was going on, and very enthralling show.

So, with TV night closing down, I took over the TV and watched Howl's Moving Castle.  I you haven't seen it, it is great.  I've seen it once before but it was here and so I watched it.  

No where near the excitement offered by most of my trip, but this day had its pleasures.  Mostly, it had its laziness.  I'm anxious to get started on this whole "adult-ing" thing, but... I got time to watch cartoons I think.

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  1. Hey man, reading this made me remember how I felt when I drove to Washington and didn't have a place to stay right off the bat. I was kinda unnerved for a little while, but I'll tell ya man. Once you start meeting people and have a place to settle down a bit, you are going to have a blast. Isn't that drive ridiculous! Ya know I hear smoking is actually legal out there! I have been loving the pics man. You Got This!

    -Chris G