Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Trip: Day 14

So I thought it was appropriate to end this stream of TRIP posts as my trip comes to a close on the 31st of October, also known as Halloween.

I intended to make it to Las Vegas for Halloween, however, going to Vegas by your lonesome sounds bad, on Halloween sounds worse.  So instead, I decided to head on into LA, as you know.

I spent my day traveling around the Culver City area and buying a few groceries and just walking through the mall.  It was confusing because all these weirdos were in costume, but then I remembered the date!  

I at at BJ's Brewhouse, and I can honestly say that I don't like their beer.  Its as though they asked what was popular to make, made it poorly, then spent a lot of time making cool labels for their beers... Not impressed.  At least they make good food.

Then I went back to the apartment and was so stir crazy I about went insane.  I watched a few horror films: "Haunter" and "Fright Night".  Classic fright night!  (If you haven't looked up "Evil's filmography on IMDB... do it)

When Lauren and the crew came home, we all started getting ready for the evenings festivities.  Lauren tosseda round dresses and costume ideas as Kiran worked on her "Deviled Egg" costume (which was a white shirt, devil horns, and a yellow yolk in the middle of the shirt).  I was, of course, Captain America.

Sean came home and we all, after a bit of dinner, ran around down to the Culver City Hotel for some drinks and hangouts, then our party split up with some of us heading back home, but Sean, Myself, Michael, and 2 others all snagged ourselves an UBER and headed for West Hollywood.


THe party, as it turns out, was hilariously fun and everyone was having a good time.  Tony Stark, Zombie Capone, some girl with a giant Tick on her, and Gollum were all in attendance.  There was even a streaker!

I mingled and met some very cool people including a comedy troupe, The Glorious Act that We Do.  I promised then I would watch some of their stuff (which I have yet to do) and also told them that it had better not suck.  They seemed to think that was funny so I haven't made any enemies yet... which is nice.

Drinking, mild dancing, drinking some more, and an UBER home was how our night was spent.  Once home, Mike parted ways with us, and Sean and I were left to get back up those daunting stairs to the apartment.  Sean may have had the key, but I had the motor functions to use it.  Once inside, I kept Sean awake with water, movies, and a nice purge of the stomach.  I figured he'd prefer to feel bad tonight rather than HORRIBLE the next morning.  We watched Cabin in the Woods, an old classic, and finally I passed out.

It was a hilarious and fun evening, and I got to hang out with a lot of fun, nice people.  I am looking forward to more parties and work, and meeting new people for sure.

This trip has been great.  A fun look at the country and an exhausting, satisfying experience!  I'm glad I made it, with or without the losses and gains I've found along the way.  I'll for sure remember Bill and our adventures, and I am so glad for all the hosts and friends I've stayed with and met along the way.

But now, The Trip is over.  I've got to work on making it not about travel, and about making a place for myself here.

I've moved to LA, I've got no job.  I'm far away from a majority of my friends and family.  
I'm technically homeless, and I'm completely confused by this cities layout.

What could go wrong?

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