Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Trip: Day 5

The sunlight crept onto my little face, and it was time to get up.  Faith snuck out the door after grabbing a sleepy hug from me and she was off to work.  I rolled off the couch and started packing up my belongings.  First my bag, then my electronics and shoes, toothbrush and all that jazz, then I grabbed Bill Murray and the car was loaded.  I put the keys on the counter and closed the door behind me... I hope I didn't leave anything.

I tooled around the French Quarter and ogled the buskers and tourists.  Snagged a shot of the Cathedral (gorgeous by the way) and attempted to grab a begnette.  I failed... forgot to bring cash.  

Very flattering
Faith called me and asked me what my plans were, so we met up for some lunch at Sammy's Food Service and Deli.  I wanted my last flavors of NOLA, and Sammy's delivered: Comfort food with red beans and rice, spicy sausage, cajun fried chicken, and jambalaya. 

After this, I filled up the gas tank and split for Austin.  The original plan was to head half way to Austin and camp somewhere along the way, preferably the beach.  I scrapped that plan when I couldn't find any good places that stuck out as beach camping.  Kept on moving.

Just outside of Batonrouge I met my first hiccup.  Car problems!  A few calls, a lot of driving, 2 hours later and some duct tape, I was backon the road.

Looks like it was bright outside. It weren't.
Funny enough, I drove all night through Texas,  Night being the key word there.  I have cleared a vast chunk of Texas and the only thing I got to see were the strange lights coming from the towering structures in teh distance and the neutral face of the tollbooth worker.  I can't wait to actually see this state!

Another side note, Texans drive fast. Like, super fast.  Mega hella fast.  Speed limit through Houstin (A preposterously large city) is 75mph at some points. I was going 75mph.  People were passing me and had to be going at least 90mph, weaving in and out of traffic.

Do you want dead?  This is how you get dead.

Obviously the vast majority of drivers were fine, but there was a proportional amount of fast flying fiends that warrant that note.

For dinner, 1 hour outside of Austin, I opened my goodie-bag and peered in.  I snagged a small can of "Chicken Spread" and crackers and opened the can.  As far as I can tell, it was cat food.  I was hungry, so I ate it, but all that means is I ate cat food.

My dad always asks:

"What's the difference between what you will and won't eat?"

The answer: 

"24 Hours"

Finally pulled into Aaron's place or residence.  Time for sleep!

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