Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Trip: Day 4

After Day 3 and all that drinking I did, I needed a break.  Needed a little shut eye.  Needed some rest.

Also, I was getting sick.  So I slept away most of the day.  Snuggled and wrapped in lots of blankets, I pounded water down myself and made sure I sweat a lot. My joints were starting ti get achy.

When I woke up around noon I was feeling a bit better so I hopped in the shower for the steam and knocked all the gunk in my nose out.  Then, the only thing I was feeling was starvation. I hadn't eaten for quite some time and I was feeling it.

But, I waited.  Food was important, but it was also important as to what kind of food.  Upon internetting, I found that a place called "Luke" existed, only with some fancy shit over the U.  I found they had what I sought, but at 3pm.  So I waited.

The Stew
When 2 rolled around, I hopped into my vehicle and took the drive downtown.  I found a sot a block away from "Luke" for $3 and popped into my destination.  A fancier, upscale place for sure.  I snagged a seat a the bar and was shortly joined by a couple of gentleman who I believe were from a law firm.. Friend;y enough, but droned on about shady characters they worked with.

I was there for what they had, but I needed to wait till 3, so I ordered that days special.  Seafood gumbo as my side and a White Gulf Shrimp Cuccuza Stew with smoked Pork Jowls on Jasmine Rice... Majestic to say the least.  The gumbo was meaty and a blast of flavor, and the stew was magnificent as well.  When I was finished with my meal, it was almost time. I ordered a beer and waited.

Oysters are so damn good!
When 3 o'clock hit, the girl tending the bar brought me my prize.  12 oysters, at oyster happy hour.  Cheap, delicious, and for all I know nutritious.  I sat there at the bar and ate the little boogers one at a time as I watched the men behind the bar shuck more for the upcoming rush for the happy hour.  When the final oyster was gone and its shell turned over in a sign of solidarity, I leaned back to relax. My stomach full, my beer almost gone, my mind finally at ease.  I knew that the only thing I could do at that moment was count my blessings.

I did so by ordering a second dozen.

Twenty four oysters for $12 was something you can't pass up, and I would have ordered more had I had a "wooden leg" as people often ask.  What a wonderful thing to eat.  I'm glad I'm on this planet to do it.

After this, I came back to Faith's and took a power nap.  Shortly after, we were off to "The Spotted Cat".  A live jazz joint.  It was so great to hear more Jazz music, and particularly funny to me as I realized... all the dancers from last Sunday were here.  It was great to hear the Jazz, and Faith, Anderson (Faith's friend) and I listened on intently to the music.

After a while, we headed towards a house party where there were tacos and margaritas for $5 all night.  An eclectic crew was present: sugar skulled ladies and gents, a rooster with a kangaroo pouch, mother nature the stripper, some dude in a hazmat suit, and a couple lady-men were present.  After a bit, Faith and Anderson left me and I was there alone.  I danced with Beth, a swing dancer from London, and drank tequila as that's basically the only component of margaritas they had left.  It was a lot of fun and particularly funny as I was just some guy there. Not in costume, just being something of a wall flower.  Eventually I got tired and headed for "home".

Water water and more water, then off to bed.  I suppose it's time I get to rambling on, but I'm going to miss this here silly town.  Its been fun New Orleans, but if I stay any longer I might stay for good.

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