Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Trip: Day 3

I woke up.

Always a good start to the day.

After the wake up period, I relaxed a little bit.  Round 11, I grabbed my keys and met Faith for lunch.  We had intended to go to the "Munch Factory" but they were closed on Wednesdays, so we ended up... at a Daiquiri shop.  Naturally I snagged a fried shrimp Poboy, which was majestic, and a large Daiquiri.  

After tossing the majority of the Daiquiri into a to go cup, I snagged my keys, said my farewells to Faith who went back to work, and I tooled around New Orleans.  I drove by the lake in all its monstrosity.  The breeze coming of the thing was quite relaxing, but the construction I was driving through didn't make for a perfect event of driving.  

After that, I headed over to NOLA Brewing Company and tried my tastebuds at their beers.  I had their Pineapple Ghost Pepper IPA, the Pineapple Coconut IPA, Their "Girl Stout Cokie" which tastes like a thinmint in beer form, quite majestic.  Then I went on to taste the A.L.S. IPA.  After those wonderful things, I tried the Grape Sour they had whose name escapes at this time, and then the Smokey Mary.  All great beers, and always excited to try a Pineapple beer. (The coconut Pineapple Beer was something I am quite interested in trying my hand at)
After water, I slunk back into my car and headed for some oysters in the French Quarter.  I drove around looking for a spot longer than I stayed in the French Quarter however as I needed to meet up with Faith and her friends for a movie.  A dozen oysters and some Crescent Cities Beers later and I was headed back to Faith's.

I walked into the house, grabbed a large gulp of water, and then Faith and I headed out to see a movie called "Vi ar Bast"

After that, off to "Pal's" to snag a few beers and some Red Beens and rice, something I was excited about as someone who has never seen this tradition before, and someone who hadn't eaten dinner.  We talked the night away at Pals and then drove home.

All I can think about is... I want more Oysters!

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