Friday, October 24, 2014

The Trip: Day 6

The day started with a wonderful breakfast, made by my gracious, caring, and omnivorous host!

Aaron wizard-ed around the kitchen to create delicious, veggie and meat filled tortillas that hit the spot called my empty stomach.  I provided some homemade pico (Thanks Mrs. Butrum!) and some hotsauce from Louisianna, and then Tio, Aaron, and myself tucked into our food.

After that, I lazed around Aaron's apartment and looked up the breweries I had already seen bits about online. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly which ones I would visit if I could only choose a few.

After that, Aaron and I went for lunch at Hopfields, and neat little eatery with a large beer selection.  I drank a Belgian style farmhouse and ate one of the most delicious burgers I've had in quite some time.  Homemade pickles and pickled jalapenos, whole grain mustard, caramelized onions.  Magnificent to say the least!

Aaron and I parted was after this and he scooted off to work.  Tio also needed to make some duckets so I was left to my own devices.  I took a power nap and headed out for Austin Beerworks.

I did not choose wrong.

Austin Beerworks was absolutely a blast.  The people were excited to be there, the staff was happy to be part of the scene, and the beer was quite tasty.  The first introduction you have to some of the brewers is on a sign which I will place... here:

So that is what I saw first, and I new I had arrived.

Not only was that fun, their deal of $10 for 3 fills and an Austin Beerworks glass and I knew I had made the right decision of coming here first (Also, it was down the road from my place of residence, but that was that good 'ol convenient factor)

I drank my fill of Black Thunder, a German style Schwarz beer and the beer I was most excited about, as well as an experimental IPA and the Golden Fist, a Belgian style with a power 9% punch.  I met some fun people who worked and played there, namely Olivia and Ryan (respectively).  We had fun chatting about the beer scene, Austin in general, and laughing about my outfit choice which was IDENTICAL to another patrons.  From the Henley and the shorts down to the TOMS shoes on our feet, we snagged a picture (sadly I did not get a copy) and laughed about it.
That dude is Rysan!

Post Beerworks, I hopped in my car (sobered up of course) and headed south towards the Violet Crown, a swanky movie theatre in Austin where you can sit in recliners and eat proper food while enjoying the film on screen. 

I snuck into an early view of "Birdman" with Tio and we watched a great and strange film unfold on the intimate screening experience.

Finally, having my fill of food, beer, and art, I left for Aaron and Tio's apartment once more, hell bent on getting some decent sleep and waking up refreshed and ready for tomorrow!

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