Monday, October 27, 2014

The Trip: Day 9

You wouldn't believe how easily your brain can occupy itself for 8 hours of driving by yourself.  I got some weird stuff going on up in that noggin.

The drive was long but pleasurable. Texas going west turns into hills and valleys and winding roads and ranches. It was amazing to see so many ranches, and the fences went on for miles.  People told me that Texas was boring mostly, but I disagree.  I've lived a majority of my life traveling between Tennessee and Illinois.  Seeing the rest of what this country has to offer is amaizjng.

I'm not talking about the cities. I'm talking about it all as a whole! The towns, the people, the food(especially the food), and the countryside.  Look at a map and Texas is some arbitrarily chosen color connected to Mexico and the rest of the US. THAT is borong. Seeing that that shape for what it is and mapping that out in your head, that's incredible!  Brush and trees and creek beds dried up. Rocks and marments(mostly dead, but still) and the biggest damn trucks you ever seen. That was what I wanted to see, and I did.

As I neared my destination and crossed that state border into New Mexico, I was growing tired of driving. Most of it had to do with the suns ceaseless shine which, as a whole, I love. However, when it is pulverizing your retinas with its cancerous rays and you blink and see its circle in you eyelids, you grow weary of its embrace.

I pulled into Roswell NM as the sun went down, kicking and screaming, and throwing some final suckerpunches through gaps in trees right into my eye holes. I snatched up my phone, parked in a McDonald parking lot. As I decided my destination for the night, I heard a small sound to my right. Looking up, I about dropped some mud at the sight of a pair of blue eyes, connected to a one legged man in a wheelchair, peered into my car from the driver side.  I decided at that moment, I would get a hotel.

I snagged up my room for a decent price. More than I wanted to pay, but cheaper than its usually $100+ rate.

Now, all I have to say about Roswell NM...

"I want to believe"

If anyone's wondering, Texas bugs are juicy and they smear easy.

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