Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Trip: Day 8

I awoke from my slumber and milled about the place.  I showered and fixed a small sandwich before I decided what I woulpd do with my day.  Around 11 I hopped into the car.

I had met the owner of North By North West Brewing at Hopsfield and told him I would get him a Tennessee Brew Works Business card, and so I snagged some and headed for NXNW.

To my surprise, they were having their annual Oktoberfest!  I got myself a mug and some tickets for beer and food, and I enjoyed a kielbasa with sour kraut and cabbage with my NXNW Oktoberfest beer.

Showing how small the world really is, I ran into a friend from UT Knoxville at the Oktoberfest.

After that, I had planned on going downtown to attend an improvement class. Sadly, that class was not happening at the the time due to a miscommunication from the website to the real world.

Instead, I walked around downtown Austin and people watched. It was fun, but I grew hungry and bought myself a Donner from Kebabalicious. It was spicy and delicious, and hut the spot.

I went back to Aarons apartment and watched a movie called "The Fall". It was visually unbelievable, and then I hung out with Aaron for a bit when he was home from work.  After that. I went to bed.  I had a lot of driving tomorrow.

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