Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Trip: Day 1

Leaving isn't an easy thing to do, but I set a date, and I left.  Needed to say my goodbyes first though!

and of course get a good group shot.

There is only so much a satellite radio can do to satisfy a hungry brain.  The road droning on and on in front of you,the radio droning on and on in your ears, and the utter silence from Bill Murray, my pepper plant, was enough to make a man go crazy.  All of a sudden you start thinking about rand things. Like that armadillo I saw.

"An armadillo!  It's dead... that sucks. For him at least, not me.  Weird.  They look so funky.  I didn't even know we had armadillos in TN."

The thoughts continued, but I won't.

The trip seems so surreal. It hasn't dawned on me that I've left home.  It feels like a vacation.  It should feel like something more, but right now it just feels like I'm going.  Moving, thinking, having fun.  Being happy. Happy is good, but strange given the circumstances.  Faith tells me it'l hit me when I get situated in LA.

Speaking of Faith, here she is, and her scenic apartment is underneath.  Nothing says good neighborhood like barbed wire and dangling handcuffs!

Bill and I situated ourselves and started to relax. Drank a little libations offered us by our gracious host and then hit the town to get some Pho.  Pho is a delicious Vietnamese soup and I had always wanted to try it, so we got it from MoPhos!  Rebecca joined us for dinner then we met up with some others for a few bars here and there.

 Rebecca mopped up the pool table as Faith discussed the semantics of gender neutrality and home ownership (not necessarily related) and I whispered sweet nothings into my NOLA Blonde and a local IPA.

Shortly there after we headed home and killed the rest of the previous libations previously brought forth by our host. After a bit Rebecca parted ways for the comfort of her own bed and Faith and I were left to discuss all manner of different topics on her front stoop.

As our night seemed to be winding down, Faith's neighbor poked his head out from the gate with the previously show dangling handcuffs and, in the most legitimate yet unfailingly shady way, informed us we could receive free tattoos if we come over to his apartment.

Naturally, we went. 
Jack Daniels came too!  
As the first member of their crew got off the bench of these budding tattoo artists studio, the word "JAH" eloquently needled onto his skin, we settled onto the couch.  Faith seemed gung-ho to try her hand at a free tattoo (the needles and ink were newly opened and changed after each tattoo).

As the buzz of the needle punctured her arm, I sat with the bottle of Jack next to a large, hairy Norwegian man with a beard and our newly tattooed "JAH" friend.  The DJ, a girl from Spain, was spinning reggae music on vinyl as the other member of our gang hunted the internet for a good picture of Bart Simpson "crushing an awesome trick".

Faith's tattoo complete, she showed her beaming face over her newly received tattoo reading the word "also".  She's the proud owner of a new tattoo. You'd need to ask her what it meant.

As fun as it all was, when they began insisting I get one, I decided it was time to leave my new friends and head back to Faith's for some well deserved sleep.

First day of the trip and I think its going great!

Who knows what is in store for tomorrow!?

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