Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 2: I Got Sick

I am blessed to have nice friends, in particular ones who think of me when there is money to be made.  Shortly after my last post I received a call from Chloe about a catering opportunity for her work.  They would have been short staffed and so she requested I join them for a jaunt back into the world of catering.

I promptly agreed.

Another Kevin from catering.
Obviously working hard. 
It was a mostly uneventful... event.  The DJ played plenty of decent songs, the Best Man said things in his speech which we funny and riskay all at once, there was a table packed to the brim with cookies, and I discovered and solved a problem with the plumbing in the kitchen we were using at the event space.  Thanks Grandpa Elmo for those crash courses in how pretty much anything with a motor works.  Its nice to be useful.

The most interesting and funny part of the night was my new friend I made at the wedding.  I was busy running food here and there, snagging glasses off tables and being a generally smiling and helpful person when I met eyes with an older gentleman, probably in his late 60's.  I smiled and asked him how his evening was doing as I went about my common catering things.  I suppose at this point we became best friends as he sought me out and asked questions and bantered with me the rest of the evening.  While it was fine and nonthreatening, the vibe he was shooting me wasn't all together my cup of tea.  Either way, I was a nice human being and made an extra $20 on top of the night's pay.  A funny cap off to a funny night.

Sunday I hopped in with Lauren and my current housemates and we snagged some seats at the Upright Citizen's Brigade for some good ol' Improv shows.  $5 a pop for that was an easy amount of money to spend on good entertainment, and Kiran, one of my house mates, was participating in one of the shows.  It was a great show with the fledgling comedic improvisers and I was happy to be a part of it.

Kiran and the crew after the Improv show at UCB
At this point I have been to multiple auditions at USC and I must say that if nothing else, the students of USC are worshipers of wheeled transportation.  Bikes create a peninsula out into walking paths, their chains and bars capped through their wheels as people zip to and fro on longboards and skateboards and scooters and golf carts.  Everywhere you look there is some form of transportation run on human power.  Its not particularly important, but I found it an interesting thing to witness.

I spent a majority of the week going to auditions.  Two Monday, two Tuesday, a meeting with a manager Wednesday and another auditioning Thursday.  Somewhere along the line I should have stopped and snagged some rest.  I have yet to do so.  To late now as I spent Tuesday on to today with a damn head cold.  Its unhelpful at auditions and an all around bad time, but thems the breaks.  New city, little sleep, little food, and you find yourself sick.  Spent most of my week snotting and sneezing and pounding Advil and Muscinex down my face.  Enough to keep myself moving.

The good news, I got cast in 2 films.  One is a short for some student project and the other was a filmed scene from the Movie "Catch Me If You Can".  I actually just finished Catch Me last evening (yesterday).  The director and crew were all very nice and professional, they all worked in their respective roles.  It was pretty seamless and we were working and waiting at nice increments where it was not unbearable.  My co-star was a charming young woman and I was happy to have met her.  She was not at all quiet or nervous about being there which has often happened, and I had a lot of fun working with her.  Also, she had some added cool points as she was just in a film called "Batgirl Rises" which is cool to me.

I think the biggest news is that I've found my own place.  I'll be subletting a place in Glendale come Dec 9th which I am very excited about.  I cannot wait to have my own space. I am beyond a doubt certain that the roomies I am with now are excited to have me to be in here anymore either, which makes sense, so it is almost a win win.   A little bit more time and I'll be moved into my own space for at least 2 months.  More than enough time to figure myself out.

All in all, it was a fine week.  I feel like I'm making progress even though I've got no idea where that is taking me. I'll keep you up to date best I can, in particular about this stupid head cold.

More auditions this week, more rehearsals this week, more work this week.

What could go wrong?

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