Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 3: Musings and Movings

I've been here three weeks now.  Needless to say, I no doubt have been something of a nuisance on the people's lives whose space I am encroaching upon.  I enjoyed their hospitality and the fun times we had, but I knew that I needed to let them get their lives back in order.  So I started my search for a new location.

In between when I made that decision and where I am now, I have done some shit!

I got on with an audition Monday while I was on set for a film Johnny Whitfield was doing.  Both of those things were exciting!  First, the speaking role in Johnny's film was a blast.  Mostly improv supporting with another guy.  We bumbled through trying to pick up some girl at a party and said the most outlandish BS on set.  It was a blast and Johnny is a boss for giving me the chance to be on set.

The audition I got was for a webseries about Dick Grayson as Nightwing.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to audition for a supporting role in that.  I'm a big fan of comics and in particular Batman, so I was jazzed and working up to that audition all week.

I also visited Venice Beach.  Let me tell you, that place is crazy!  
My experience was as follows:
I parked a bit off and walked a few blocks to the beach.
My first experience was the smell of some stanky skunky marijuana.
I was offered, by people in green scrubs, medical marijuana license.
They claimed that "The Dr. was in."
A homeless woman screamed profanity at a man as she searched for things in a trash can.
Skateboarders and people on bikes are mad if you are on the bike path.
They don't give a shit if they are biking on the "no bikes" path.
Lots of people selling "Art" along the walk.  Some of it was good.
I didn't stop anywhere from food, but I want to try something.
The sand on the beach is like fairy dust between your toes.
I walked through a literal shit-storm of seagulls.  
I walked away poop free.
I accidentally bought a Regae CD for $1.
I decided not to go back until I had someone to enjoy it with.

Venice Beach. Tis' a silly place.

So Friday rolled around and I told my roommates I would be gone by Friday, so I was.  I am lucky in having numerous friends here in town and so I hopped into the car and drove to my friend Sarah's apartment.  IIt was a win win as I had a full bed and she had no bed, so she gets to use my bed while I'm subletting another apartment!  WIN!

But, I haven't really seen her since I moved in.  I've mostly seen her roommate Molly and Molly's cat, Beatrice.  They are both awesome as well.  In fact, the first night, before I'd met either, I was sitting, like a peasant, in their new apartment.  I was reading a book by street lamp light through the window as they neither had lights nor internet.  It was some pilgrim shit.  Molly walks in and I introduce myself (she was expecting me).  She said "Nice to meet you... wanna go to a show?"  Naturaally I said yes.  We hopped into the car and went to a rock show in NoHo somewhere, then headed off to Paolis'.  This may seem like your classic Italian Restaurant, but no!  They were an Italian Restaraunt, bar, and Karaoke venue... it was great! 
Beatrice is a fluffy kitty.

 Here is some proof.
Molly expressing herself with some Florence + The Machine

That was a romping good time, and good thing to.  Remember that audition I had been so excited about, with Nightwing and scheduled at 7:22pm?  Well I drove an hour through rush hour traffic, arrived at 7pm, and informed the girl at the front desk of both my arrival and my impending audition.  She apologetically informed me that the people who rented that space had already left... at 6pm.

Now, I'm not saying they are required to call me and inform me of their plans, but I'm  a non-union actor auditioning for your webseries that wasn't going to pay me ANYTHING if I was cast.  It would have been beyond courteous to inform me that you were leaving.  And in this modern age with the technology we have, it would have been no harder than a few key strokes on your phone.  Maybe they forgot, maybe it slipped their minds, maybe they couldn't find my information.  I want to believe they simply forgot, or couldn't reach me... I want to believe.

With my venting done and my night set back on track with some fun karaoke, I was blessed with an email about a Lead role in a student film, and so I spent my weekend filming and doing what it is I cam here to do.

I'm flustered about the audition and the gas I used getting there, but its all going to come out the same in the end I suppose.  Keep on trucking, keep on hustling, keep on trying.  That's all I can do I guess.

Almost forgot, I ate a delicious hotdog from The Infield, a baseball park themed hotdog stand, and they rocked my socks off. Cheap and delicious, what could be better? 

Also, if you have never tried a "Fatburger"... damn son, that burger is bonkers!

I should eat more healthy stuff...

Well, what could go wrong?

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