Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classes... I forgot About Those

Contrary to all the posts and pleasant party photos I've placed to placate your appetite for stories about my life (see what I did there?), I am now, presently, avoiding sleep and the process of attending to my body's need for it.  Instead, I have chosen to open a window to my soul into which you pursuers of nonsense and knowledge can view my innermost thoughts through a filtered lens.

Presently, I am put out by my recent drop from one of my modules, an action previously unheard of and now presently my most poignant obstacle.  On top of this, my voice will hopefully be back by tomorrow morning at 9am at which time I am to attend my first meeting of the minds with fellow thespians in a building on campus.  I am mortified of the prospect of actually having to work and satisfied with the aforementioned mortification as it reminds me that a pulse continues to run through my body. Added to this, I am now "in the know" that my class begins at 9am and continues forth until 1pm, at which point my studies shall cease for the day and my quest to discover a second and possibly third module shall resume in force.
(To summarize, I have not felt the first day of class jitters in a while, mostly because I've always known what to expect. On top of that, I have to meet my adviser.)

It is strange. I'm in a compeltely alien environment into which I've already made friends and discovered new places, but each new step is another horrifying journey into the unknown into which all I have is a charming smile, winning personality, and complete lack of knowledge of what the hell I'm doing here.

Ain't life grand?

As a parting gift to you who can't stand to read anything without illustration or pictures. Found this child wandering the streets of Canterbury and decided to snap a photo with his mothers permission.  Quite possibly my favorite thing that I could have hoped for.

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