Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beginning the Trip

Airplanes are funny.  Or rather, the people on airplanes are funny.  Its a giant metal tube cram-packed with people who awkwardly move about the jet even though they generally are up and walking about just to be walking about.  Its like a sense of self importance that they have claimed. "Oh, the seat belt sign is on? I'm walking around so I guess those rules don't apply to Me."

The best show on a plane is the walk to the restroom.  It is an awkward waltz between two individuals in which the outcome will always be the same. 

           A sitting passenger is about to get some one's ass (or front side) crammed into their face.

Also, the passing individuals always go ass to ass or chest to chest. Its never ass to chest.

My second favorite pass time is watching out the window.  Sadly, two planes and ten hours later and I never got a chance to sit at one. No, Window seats are waster on people. The people sitting next to the window slammed that shield down and slept the whole time.  They have no idea what they're missing. Its magic out those windows.  The cities at night with their lights contrasting the dark surroundings.  The clouds in the sky and the visible layers. No one appreciates it like they should.  I suppose they've "seen it before" and its not new to them, but how could that not be incredible every time? We're flying 35,000 feet in the air. That. Is. Incredible. Every time.
I did snap a shot while the window-slammer was in the restroom.

The important thing is, the world is magnificent and I want to see it.  I want to experience everything I can and travel and see those clouds and the sprawling cities at night.  People don't appreciate the small things, but those are what keeps you going while you travel to the big things.  People just seem to simply go about their lives... it is a terrible tragedy for those people. I'll have to live double for them.


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