Saturday, September 29, 2012


That lovely chemical that makes you smarter, faster, keener, quicker, and an all around better person.  My forays into it's consumption have never been so high as they have been since I showed my face on campus.  From night one I was greeted with a pub crawl and it has been a downhill spiral since then. 

A quiet pint here and there, and of delicious beer, is what I would go for in the states.  For some reason, here, I'm enthralled, most likely due to my freshman surroundings, to drink what is so kindly referred to as "Tramp Juice" here in the UK.  (In the states, it's equivalent would be 40's.)  Drinking tramp juice, we decided to play beerpong yesterday which I was a large ambassador for.  I wanted to play it, I played it, now I am here writing the lovely post about my consumption of the liquid Beerpong is named after.

I've been sulking in my own room, fermenting in shame and avoiding sudden movements.  I was a game winner at the table.  Dionysus was almost pleased with me, but my actions forced him to forsake me and I prayed to far different god's than he, ones who reign over white porcelain and tile floors.

It brings perspective to my eyes.  I most certainly have not done this is quite some time.  I am not a fan of losing food or drink I've not fully digested.  Also, the fact that I made an ass of myself in front of my friends here is no small thing to me.  Reminders are to stop drinking tramp juice and spend your money on things worth imbibing.
Harry and myself. K Cider has a warming effect on me

At any rate, thought I'd share that nugget with you.

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