Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jobless...ness and the WORLD OF TOMORROW!

It is a difficult thing going from "employed" to "unemployed".  Initially, you have your doubts about your plans, swiftly followed by some other facet of your life quickly and needlessly slipping out from under your feet.  You realize you were never truly on stable ground, then panic sets in.

After that first day, you start to get your bearings again and, if you're competent and interested in actually finding a new job, you start the arduous process of slinging your resume at the faces of every single store owner/manager in your general vicinity.

It's like a gauntlet of "No" and "Sorry".  It is so much worse than an audition.

In theatre/film, if they say no, there could be 1 million reasons!  You won't mix well with the cast, they've already cast the show, you were having a bad day, whatever.  The important thing is, if you act, your job is to handle rejection and throw yourself out there to be rejected again.  The fun part isn't your job, your job is auditioning.

When looking for a job, you don't generally have a time slot to come in at, no one really wants to help you get that job if they already work there, if you want to find a job to bartend, you're absolutely fucked (it appears), and rejection, even if they ARE hiring, is literally all about YOU.  YOU are the reason they didn't hire YOU because they DO NOT like YOU.

That's rough.

I think the issue I'm having now, though, is that I'm enjoying these free days.  I like being able to wake up at 9am and mosey about my house for a bit.  Get my wits together, read the paper, grab a snack, and then head out to do whatever it is I need to.  I can work on my own projects, learn lines, and then grab a beer with my brother or someone who is off that particular day.  I need the money most certainly, but having a bit of time to recuperate is like... this is like a makeshift vacation!

It's dangerous enjoying unemployment.  I dunno if I'll go back to being employed...

p.s. please hire me.

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