Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where in the World Have I Been?

There is plenty to talk about!

Plenty to show you, tell you.  Plenty of excuses I can come up with as to why I've not posted anything in so long.

The best I got is that life happened!  I love to film stuff, that is a truth.  I don't so much like editing.  It is a time consuming thing.  I just want to be in film. I just want to be out there doing stuff!  I don't want to spend a day editing this stuff together for a 3-5 minute video.  I'm sure some would scoff. "A whole day?" they would say.

YES, a whole damn day.  I'm learning on my own.  I should spend some time and learn how to expedite that process, but I haven't. So a whole day must be devoted to editing that film together for y'alls enjoyment.

Well, the sun is out.

I'd rather be outside.

^^^(Its bigger and better here)^^^


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