Monday, February 10, 2014

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So, from my previous posts, you've seen myself getting into antics around Nashville Tennessee.

Previous posts, previous videos.  Those previous videos would not have been fun without music.  Sadly, music is not something you get to steal for your personal use, and why would you want to?


No, I needed music for the videos to keep them uptempo and flashy.  Something to catch the eye and the ear.  Also, I wanted to try my hand at editing, and music is easier than synching sound from an external mic!  But where could I get music?

Simple, it is all around me. 

I live in MUSIC CITY

So, one of the major themes I wanted to work on in this blog is music.  Local music. I need it, theres plenty around Nashville, and I wanted to show off the local talent we have here in Nashville.  I wanted to showcase bands that are working hard out there, that have a great sound, and that need your attention!

My favorite part of finding new music is the action of hunting for it!  You get to keep your ear to the ground or, if you're like me, you just show up places and pretend like you're cool enough to be there.
All of a sudden you're talking up your mega successful blog, people are gathering around, everyone wants to be part of the thing, Jack White sends you messages on your phone but you're way to busy talking to this awesome crowd in front of you, people start comparing your writing to Hemingway, reporters be all trying to besmirch your image because you wouldn't give them the lead story, the women be all up on you, your phone buzzes and you sit up and realize you are face down in a drained pool somewhere, empty bottle of booze and you missed the show you meant to go too, so you try and make the next one... *possible fiction

The Coyotes in Boxes are obviously the main band I've ensnared into this whole blog thing, and the past three videos have featured their music.  Its good music.  Its fun music.  Something like My Morning Jacket had a love child with a drumset.
They rock, they're fun live, and I am sold. Literally. They sold me their CD.  I own it now.  Click on their name up above and you can too!

They are not the only band in town though, and now I'm searching for more!  My video this week features two other localized artists here in Nashville.  An infinitely talented Elise Davis, and the power couple known as the Smoking Flowers.  SO! If you've got a show coming up, or a band I need to listen to, drop me a comment and tell me where to go, when it is, and if there are samples online.  I'd love to hear your local stuff, and I'd love to go out to more shows around town!

That being said, check out the video.

Oh!  and fooBAR

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