Monday, January 27, 2014

Day Trippin: Loud Singing and Drinks with Bubbles

This most recent Saturday I got the opportunity to audition for the New Harmony Theatre.  It was more or less spur of the moment.  I wasn't so sure about auditioning for them.

But then, I thought about it, and what did I have to lose?  I had Saturday off, so no work there.  I'm a 24 year old Delivery boy, so obviously I haven't got adult obligations or a social life (up for debate), and it seemed like an adventure.  I called them up (a day before) and off I went that next morning.

The drive was largely uneventful save for some strange smells, some dancing to stay awake, and the nicest weather I've been in since this God-forsaken season we call winter kicked in here in Tennessee.

The campus was nice, and made me almost wish I was still in school. Jokes on all those kids in school. I got my degree already and now... I.. am a 24 year old delivery boy...

The audition went smoothly.  I was energetic (or nervous). The accompanist was great.  Kept up with me and made me sound great, so that was nice.
Seeking a Organist, Pianist, accompanist, or vocal coach in the Evansville area?
Thomas Drury is your man!

Audition over and done with, it was time for a treat!  Off to Tin Man Brewing Company for samples of their Godly nectar! 

Tin Man was spectacular.  They had a friendly wait staff, and cool hangout in a neat old building, and their beers were, as the kids are saying, "off the hook".  My favorite by far was their Dry Cell Irish Stout.  Their nitrogen system on their taps definitely makes the experience at the brewery itself a blast as the process can change a beer into a completely new one depending on the gas used.  That being said, the Irish stout, only nitrogenated, was magnificently heady and smooth on the palate. I only wish I had some back here in Nashville.

Whilst I sat at the bar, famished from my day, I ordered the chicken and waffles with their maple mayo, definitely worth it simply for the mayo.  Shoveling those into my face, I struck up conversation with the two next to me, a couple from our neighbors just north of the US.  As we talked we were invited  on a brewery tour.  I wasn't about to pass that up so off my two new friends and I went!

The brewery operation was fun as they had named many of their fermentation tanks (I'm sure there is a better name for that) after famous robots from pop culture and other such conglomerates of information. The most interesting and exciting bit was their small batch system.  Brewing in small batches of 5 gallons, each Friday the brewery has their small batch on tap for any coming in.  This system allows for new beers and recipes to be created and tested first hand, and you don't even have to be a master brewer!  A nice little buzz to keep the brewery hoppin' (see what I did there?) on Friday nights, you should def check it out some Friday. No telling what kind of beer you'll get!

So, the moral of that long strand of information.


Saying adios to my new friends, I jetted home.  All in all a very successful day, and one I won't soon forget! 

(mostly because I filmed the whole thing)

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