Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Orleans from That Old Trip

Many of you followed me across the country as I posted daily things about my life on the road as I moved out here to Los Angeles.  Well, I did videotape some of it as well.  I had intended to get more footage than I did, but I was more interested in the experiences for myself rather than filming them so I could remember them late.

However, I did manage to film quite a bit, and I made something of a highlight reel for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the video!

As an update to last week.

I was committed to eaking out a living doing this acting thing, and I for sure still am.  However, the well has all but run dry.  I was working quite prolifically and then... nothing.

I like eating, sleeping, and having a place where I can do both in comfort.


I've been job hunting.  I dare say, it is much more difficult out here than I anticipated, and while it is a shitty, dead end job I hunt for, I'd rather entrench myself here and work on getting more gigs than crawl back home.

I love home, I would love to be home, but home isn't for me right now.  

Sticking this one out, even if I have to crawl through some shit to do it.

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