Monday, January 26, 2015

Business, Bars, and Kosher Food

I apologize for my absences.  I was stricken with a fever a week ago and have been wallowing in it ever since.  I haven't felt particularly excited to write, not sure why that is, but here I sit. Writing and eating a large bowl of off-brand Honey Bunches of Oats (like, $3 cheaper for twice as much, count me in).  I've discovered, after giving Almond milk a second chance, that almond milk is shit and I don't like it.  It tastes funny and has an awkward consistency.  Coconut milk is that way to go, if you happen to be going that way.

A had dinner with friends!  A potluck of sorts. Pasta and bread and Italian dishes, a side salad, and I made a meager sampling of some garlic chicken thighs.    I got to see the ladies who posted me up when i was homeless, so that was nice, and we all hung out and talked and there was a cake of some caliber. A birthday was celebrated, and friends were present to celebrate.  There was much rejoicing.

There is a barcade in town called 82. Old school towers and hipsters as far as the eye can see, and food truck parked inside the place, and a line that takes about half an hour to get through.  All of these things are great (except for the line).  Lauren, Josh, and Sean, the roomies I stayed with the first week I was here, were all present for this trip.  We had fun playing the Dirty Harry Pinball Machine on someone's quarters, then we moved on to Space Invaders. 
In the center of the game hall was a Street Fighter Tower which was connected to the projectors over the bar.  You got to watch the competitors beat the shit out of each other on the screen.  Needless to say, it was pretty cool.

Lastly, there was TRON.  I love TRON. I love the movies, I love the games, and I loved that they had them there for our enjoyment.
After a few hours there we decided to call it quits, and we said our farewells.  I headed back to my car which was parked a ways away as the rest of the crew decided to hit up Taco Bell.  I told them to enjoy crapping their pants.  They laughed, but deep down... they knew I was right.

I'm here to act.  I keep telling people that, then they ask what else I do, and I say... nothing.  Of course, I do other things, but If they are asking about how I'm making money, I'm not.
 What I am doing is spending money.  Spending a lot of Money.  I recently spent the hellatious amount of money required to sign onto an Upright Citizens Brigade class.  I am now $400 lighter of pocket, but if you plan on doing anything out here whether it be commercial, theatrical, or a job as a low level employee at McDonalds, you MUST HAVE IMPROV EXPERIENCE!

If you are laughing, you think I am making that up.  I am not.

Improvisation is the thing to have here.  You must be trained in it, extremely experienced in it, probably spending something like 2 years and $10k on training of improv before you can be even considered for this job you are applying for...

Oh, and it's a non-paying gig.

I have been workign out.  I have a small workout room in the complex I currently reside and its been nice having access to it.  Problem is, I got sick and decided to not move for a week.  So, I boosted my metabolism, lost 6 pounds, and now I'm just sitting here like a barnacle on the futon in my room being skinny as hell. Not my best move. I need to get back at it.

 I finished a shoot for Benny Friedman last week.  Here is one of his videos, not the one I am in. Three days of shooting with a good crew and team.  Timing may have not been their strongest strength, but they were nice and a lot of fun to hang out with on set.  They fed me as well, so that was nice.  Everything was Kosher food and it was wonderful.  I prefer bacon in my life, but kosher food cannot have meat and cheese together so I never had to worry about dairy in my food.  Well, except for the pizza they had one day, but it had no meat, so they won that round.

We filmed and ate at a place called MexiKosher and it was wonderful.  Even met the chef that started the place, something of a celebrity now thanks to Top Chef.  Its worth the drive if you are ever here in LA, and they have a Kosher Bacon Sauce for the food that is out of this world good.

Lastly, I finally played Settlers of Catan, a board game I've been wanting to play for a very long time.  If you get the opportunity, play it, its quite a bit of fun!  I also went to The Bearded Men West's Dungeons and Dragons Improv.  That is one of the greatest improv shows, and that crowed was huge!  You have to go.

All in all, I've been a mix of busy and lazy.  I'm conscious of the laziness and forget that I've also been busy.  It never feels like you've done enough.  Guess I'll keep moving... well, not moving too much.

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