Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 6: Busyness

Many of you are no doubt asking yourselves,

"What the f#!k is Kevin up to?"

Luckily for you, I've designated the day of the SUN as the day of days to report about what the f#!k I am up to.

Here's what the f#!k I am up to.

THIS PAST WEEK!  I think the most exciting bit has been, and the part that was hardest to keep from making an entire post about, was bed.  I have been without a bed since October.  It had been 57 days since I slept in a bed and I was hurting for it so bad, I didn't even know I was hurting for it so bad.  I'd love to say I slept like a baby, angel, or other thing that sleeps real well, but I didn't.  All I did was sleep like I was on an overnight drunk then woke up and felt that "sleep hangover" you get when you still haven't gotten enough sleep and you whole body hates you.  I felt that the first few nights until I got caught up on sleep... so I must have been supremely sleep deprived.

This makes sense.  I mean, I am super thankful to my roommates that posted me up these past few weeks, but when one roommate works until midnight and the other works at 5am and your air mattress is by their front door, sleep isn't something you get much of.  I've passed through that gauntlet and made it to the end.  For that, I deserve praise.

The new digs are nice, a tad girly but tidy, and my roommate, although I have seen very little of her, is nice.  She gave me Korean style pot stickers because she wasn't going to eat them so that was cool!

 Flowers on the bed. Watch out ladies. (I've since replaced the bedding with my own, manlier dressings)

The below pictured item is the elusive washer/dryer. It's cousins around the city eat quarters and bits of your soul, but this wonderful piece of machinery resides in unit, and has become as a close friend: never asking money or commitment from you, and only wishing to help you by washing your clothes...


^New best friend^

 "But what else has been happening Kevin?  Anything work related?"

I'm glad you asked. YES! Lots and lots of work related things.  I got signed on to 2 websites where I can find and submit myself for roles.  These two websites have absolutely been helpful getting me to auditions and in front of casting peoples.

WB Backlot. Pretty neat!
Granted, most of the jobs I've been called to are student films and non paying gigs, I am still happy to be working so prolifically.  This week alone I have had 13 auditions, 1 short film for a student, and later today I'll be shooting a promo video/commercial that I am pretty excited about.  Again, while these aren't paying...
(and a depressing thing that is as ALL AUDITIONS COST MONEY! Gas, parking, time(is money), I'm watching my bank account siphon through my fingers as I stupidly walk around saying "this is fine!" )
...I am happy to get in front of people and do my thing.  I've auditioned as fiances, boyfriends, teenagers, "FREELANCE SCIENTISTS", computer wizards, stoners, and many other things.  I basically wake up, shower, and I'm out until late auditioning.  I'm "working" constantly, and that is gratifying.

It is also surprisingly tiring.  I never realized how powerfully draining switching from role to role is until I have to play 4 roles in 3 hours with the same amount of enthusiasm, poise, and creativity all the while driving like a mad man across town in between just to make sure I make it to my next audition in time to find parking. It is emotionally draining and I have come home multiple times and found myself in a bad mood and skinny as a damn rail because it dawns on me that I never ate anything.

Good things do happen though, and funny weird things to. Obviously I've gotten people's attention and have been cast in things which is good, but I've also met some new people and had some adventures throughout.  For instance;
Kirstin and Thai food

In passing I mentioned, waiting for an audition, that I had an audition south in Longbeach, and Kirstin, the girl that I was waiting with, said she did to.  I mentioned it was for some "Shakespeare modern day Hamlet" and she said "... me too..."

So, disregarding all of the advice she has ever received about how to handle strangers, Kirstin accepted my invitation to ride together and hopped into my car to head to Longbeach. Lucky for her I am not a creeper and we had a nice drive together through rush hour traffic.  We even stopped off and ate Thai food after the audition.

This past Friday, to get myself out of "work" mode, Lauren and I snuck off down to the "Atomic Ballroom" to dance the night away with swing, blues, and some other dances I don't know yet.  It was quite the set up, and the crowd was diverse in age ranging from highschoolers (a lot of them actually) all the way up to some older ladies and gents, one who I can only imagine was 70 something. (that old man was easily the greatest dancer out there. Spry and able to lead the follows with a few simple gestures. I was pretty thrilled to watch him).  Lauren and I took a blues lesson which was fun, but my first priority is to learn 8 count Lindy.

The dance community is a lot different here than in Nashville.  Now, I do have a biased opinion as I love my home town and the dance community there rocks (go to the "5 Spot" on Monday nights and check out the "Jump Session" on Friday Nights at Nashville Swing Dance Foundation!).
 I know them, I know how most of the follows move, and I was doing it at least once a week.  Here everyone is so technical.  I had one girl get frustrated with me and just started muscling me around and leading herself which threw me off.  It is a different vibe here and I am still searching for my place in the swing community.  Also, I feel as though I have plateaued and need to finally take some lessons to move over this little blockade.  I need some new moves in my repertoire, and, while most of the ones I know I have stolen, the ones I want to know now I need to really focus and learn if I ever want to know how they work.

At any rate, it was a fun night all in all and I'm happy to have checked out the dance community there.

So that has been my week.  Busy like the words in this post.  I will hopefully stay busy all this week.

Christmas is fast approaching and I'll be back in Nashville soon.  I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and family for sure.  Its hard coming home to an apartment and thinking you'll call someone up only to realize that they are literally thousands of miles away.  But that is how it goes. At least I'll get to see them over Christmas and the new year!

Til next post!

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